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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly is clearly shocked when Olivia announces to Jax that his plans for Brenda’s apartment are ready. He insists he was going to tell her. Olivia understands that Brenda is a source of tension for them, but tells them to focus on the good in their marriage.

Carly questions why four suites are being turned into an apartment. Jax figures he needs it so that Brenda will be safe and that they'll recoup their money by having her pay rent. Jax says he hasn’t complained that Carly’s letting Luke stay there rent free, but Carly claims Luke is not the same as Brenda. In fact, she thinks Jason is the equivalent of Brenda and mentions how the hotel will be a target if the Balkan knows where she’s staying. Jax finally tells her he’ll cancel the project, but she tells him not to.

Suzanne meets with Sonny, who lets her know that he appreciates how she takes care of Brenda, but wonders what’s going on with Brenda that she went from wanting to be with Sonny to not. Suzanne warns him to stop pressuring Brenda to change her mind, that when she’s with Sonny, she reverts to the messed up girl she was before. Sonny insists that Brenda wasn’t like that in Rome when he saw her, but Suzanne wants him to keep his distance.

Ronnie wonders why Dante’s working on a cold case, but Dante insists he’s working on the car bomb case. Ronnie’s worried that Floyd is right, that Dante won’t arrest Sonny even if he’s found guilty. Ronnie tells him not to throw his career away for Sonny.

Jason tells Brenda that he knows she’s afraid, but that she needs to tell him the truth about what she knows about the Balkan so that he can help her. Jason tells her Sonny agreed to stay away from her, but she wonders why he let Sonny up to her bedroom in the first place. Again, Jason asks her to tell the truth, but she storms out.

Robin says Lisa changed the meds for her patient, but Steven tells her it was a different doctor and that he okayed it. Robin didn’t see the notation on the chart. When Lisa steps in, Robin tells her to shut it. Patrick pulls her away and asks her to calm down.

Tracy finds Ethan, Maya and Luke talking and assumes they’re plotting against her. Luke tries to turn on the charm, but Tracy’s not interested. Maya wonders why Tracy won’t take Luke back, since she’s clearly upset about losing him, but Tracy says she only misses her money. Luke says he planned on doubling her money, but got sidetracked by helping Lucky and when he went back, he’d been swindled.

Ethan claims Luke is scamming Tracy, which angers Luke, who then fakes chest pains. Maya checks on Luke, but Tracy doesn’t believe it and leaves. Luke questions why Ethan didn’t go along with him, but Ethan figures he wants things to go as originally planned, so that he can spend more time with Maya.

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Robin meets Maxie on the docks to ask for clarity in her situation. The girls reminisce about when they were young, including memories of Georgie. Talk turns to Lisa and now Robin is singing the ‘no evidence’ song and how Lisa can sue the hospital if Steven fires her. She realizes that she needs to ignore Lisa, because with her outbursts, she’s starting to look like the crazy one. Maxie asks if Patrick is supporting her, says that he loves her, and that she should forgive him. Robin says she doesn’t trust Patrick and wonders if he’ll do it again.

Patrick`s eavesdropping and claims he won`t hurt her again, that he wants things to go back to the way they were. Robin really just wants the divorce to be as smooth as possible for Emma`s sake, but Patrick doens`t want a divorce. Instead, he wants to find out why he cheated.

Jason meets with Sonny and says he thinks the sooner Brenda leaves, the better off everyone will be. Sonny promises, again, to back off. Sonny receives an invitation from Claire to meet her for dinner.

Dante shows Claire the background check on Brenda, which has her past history but nothing exciting. Claire wonders why she`s suddenly become this woman who would do a background check on someone`s ex. She admits that she wants to lock Sonny up, but at the same time, wants to save him. Dante understands that feeling. Claire receives an invitation to meet Sonny for dinner.

Brenda comes back to the penthouse, where Suzanne is waiting for her. Suzanne tries to convince Brenda to tell Jason the truth about what she knows, but Brenda storms out again.

Ethan thanks Maya for helping with the plan. She wonders why, and he admits that he wants to spend time with her. He kisses her, but she pulls back and says they`re late for meeting Luke at the Metrocourt.

Tracy meets with Luke at the Metrocourt and, after she insists that she doesn`t want to get back with him, Luke starts to have chest pains. Tracy doesn`t believe him.

Sonny and Claire meet at the restaurant and both are happy to be together.

Brenda is on the docks, and has another memory of Dante. Dante runs into her there.

Jason comes home to an empty apartment and Carly comes flying in and starts kissing him.