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One Life to Live Recap: My Sacrifice


Destiny: Why would Eli kill his own brother? None of this makes sense!

Destiny was celebrating her birthday at the diner, though she wasn't in a party mood. Matthew arrived, followed by Shaun, and Destiny asked them for news regarding Dani and Greg, respectively. Nate came with an update on the hostage situation, which Matthew blamed on Nate because of Nate's initial interference. Destiny opened her gifts: a best sister t-shirt from Shaun, a knock-off mp3 player from Darren because he couldn't afford "the Pulse" and a Pulse from Matthew. Mr. Evans told Matthew that the gift was too expensive to accept, but Matthew assured him it was no problem as Matthew received a bonus from Clint. Mr. and Mrs. Evans questioned Matthew and Clint's values in relation to money. Nate gave Destiny earrings she had seen while shopping with Dani. Nate said the gift was from both of them, while Matthew looked deflated. Mrs. Evans presented Destiny with a card from Greg.

Tell me something: since when do interns receive a bonus? And why is it immoral for Matthew to spend money that he earned on his friend?

The Evanses fawned over Nate and his thoughtfulness. When Nate left, Matthew followed, accusing him of trying to now steal Destiny. Darren intervened before the argument turned physical and Darren told Matthew to get over being dumped. Vivian called Shaun to tell him that Greg was awake, but there was a problem. The Evanses descended on Greg's room and Greg apologized for missing Destiny's 17th birthday party. Destiny declared that Greg waking up was the best gift and told Greg to clear his name. Destiny was floored when Greg revealed that he had been blackmailed into working with Eli. Shaun wanted details.

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Greg crashed while Vivian was present and Vivian saved Greg, later sending Greg's IV to toxicology. Greg woke up and asked to speak to the police. Natalie and an officer arrived to take Greg's statement. Greg confirmed his previous admission: "Tea Delgado is alive." Greg told Natalie about Eli's coercion. Greg said he had had a flash of conscience - AFTER pumping Tea full of unnecessary radiation and medications - and needed to counteract Eli's plan. Natalie informed Greg of Tea vanishing from Cherryvale, and Greg worried for Tea's safety. Natalie hoped that Greg's secret was worth the trouble as Greg was placed under arrest. Natalie went to Todd's house armed with proof that Tea's alive, but no one was there.

Natalie informed John that a bone fragment found proved that the ashes weren't Tea's. Natalie suggested that Eli has Tea and John agreed. They decided they would only tell Todd after Natalie proved that Greg's Cherryvale Clinic patient had been Tea, because Todd would inevitably interfere. John worried about Natalie's workload being too heavy. He suggested, finally, that when the case was solved, they should move in together and make a family. Natalie was surprised, but beaming, as John left for Todd's house.

Tea calmed Dani, assuring her that Todd would save them. Eli arrived with sandwiches, but when he hilariously fed Dani like she was a small child, Dani spit the food in Eli's face. While Dani screamed continuously at Eli, Tea took a softer approach. Tea asked Eli to release Dani, offering to remain as his hostage, but Eli refused to free "Danyella". Eli was amused by The Banner's headline which suggested that Eli's attempt on Greg's life had been "thwarted". When Tea questioned why Greg would aid Eli, Eli answered that he had leverage against Greg.

Blair called Todd idiotic for planning to pay the ransom, but told him to get the girls first because Eli wouldn't think twice about killing them. After a phone call to Addie, Blair informed Todd that Jack had learned to play cards and ripped off Sam for ten baseball cards. Todd was proud, but assured Blair he would teach Sam to win everything back.

Eli made contact and was happy when he heard Blair's voice. Eli allowed everyone to continue believing that Starr and Hope were Eli's hostages. Eli gave his ransom instructions: money, a helicopter, and Blair. Todd refused to sacrifice the mother of his children, but Eli insisted. Blair agreed and John thought it was the only option, but Todd wouldn't budge, believing that Blair getting hurt or killed was not an option at all. Blair, Todd, and John arrived at the specified location, and Blair prepared to sacrifice herself to Eli.

Tell me something: would Todd refuse to trade Blair if he knew he'd be getting Tea in return?