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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Performance of the day for me: Laura Wright. I knew I would love the day that Carly had it out with Brenda, and I wasn’t disappointed. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Tracy doesn’t believe that Luke is actually having a heart attack, but Olivia does and she has the staff call 911. Jax is also concerned, but more about the liability of the hotel should one of its clients die of a heart attack. Olivia accompanies Luke to hospital. Ethan and Maya get to the hotel afterwards, and Jax tells them that Luke’s already gone.

At the hospital, Matt runs a bunch of tests, even though Tracy declares that Luke has no money to pay for any of it. I will admit that, for a short period of time, I actually believed that Luke wasn’t faking, until Maya showed up and Luke revealed that he was scamming Tracy and asked Maya to find some fake heart scan.

Lulu arrives because Olivia called her. Tracy tells her Luke’s faking. Ethan insists that he isn’t, but when Lulu goes in to see her father, he lets her in on the ruse. When Matt sees the fake test results, he believes Luke had a massive coronary and Tracy feels badly for not having believed Luke. Ethan is thrilled that the plan is going so well, but Maya’s angry.

Claire and Sonny enjoy their dinner together and Sonny talks about cooking. Claire asks who he was cooking for, but realizes that it was Brenda. Sonny assures her that he and Brenda aren’t going to work out and even though he’ll always love Brenda, he wants to spend time with Claire. Claire realizes that she’s only a diversion until Brenda changes her mind but Sonny poo-poos that, even though it’s totally true. He thanks her for inviting him, but she says she didn’t. They both realize that Carly set up the date.

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Dante and Brenda chit-chat on the docks. He asks how long she’s planning on staying, but she doesn’t know. Max and Milo eventually usher her away. Olivia shows up, concerned that Dante is in this strange brooding mood, but he doesn’t tell her why.

Lucky shows up at Windemere and he and Nik get reacquainted. I loved this scene. Both brothers seemed very wary and unsure of the other’s reaction, and I thought both Jonathan and Tyler did a good job of conveying that. Lucky explains what happened in Ireland and says he needs a place where he and Siobhan can stay. Nik says he’ll do anything for him.

Lucky’s heading out to find Brenda and asks Siobhan to stay behind. She fights him at first, but he tells her he can’t do his job if he’s worrying about her. Nikolas witnesses their closeness and realizes his brother is smitten. After Lucky leaves, Nik and Siobhan make small talk about their lives. She’s surprised that he’s willing to help them out. Nik admits that Lucky’s had a hard year, but he’s now seen a change and if she’s responsible for that, then he’s happy.

Jason breaks off the kiss and wonders what the heck is wrong with Carly. She tells him she needs to sleep with him to hang on to Jax, because she can’t compete with Brenda. Jason tells her to stop giving Brenda more power and refuses to help her with her plan to make Jax jealous. She tells him that not all her plans are bad and admits to setting up Claire and Sonny on their dinner. She says again that she’s worried Brenda will sets her sights on Jax. Brenda walks in and hears this and tells Carly that she has no plans to make her feel insecure in her marriage. Brenda says maybe Carly is insecure in her marriage because she hasn’t been the most loyal wife. Carly comes back with the accusation that Brenda has played Sonny and Jax off each other for years.

Carly:" You’re a desperate, insecure slut who’ll sleep with anyone to get attention."

Brenda: "You’re still loud and obnoxious." (She adds something about bothering Jason.)

Carly: “Jason can count on me, and I can count on him. Who counts on Brenda? No one. You’re useless. You’re for decoration only. You’re about as shallow as a mud puddle and that is why you’re so easy to leave.”

Sonny tracks down Carly at the hotel and thanks her for setting up the dinner. However, Claire also tracks her down and tells her to mind her business, since she knows Carly only did it to keep Sonny away from Brenda.

Jason meets with Lucky, who tells him the Ireland story and that he’s supposed to grab Brenda. The Balkan’s man watches from the shadows.

Dante and Brenda have more memories of their time together and I had to fast forward because, unless she’s going to tell us her secret, I don’t care. Dante meets with Sonny and for some reason, that’s our Friday cliffhanger.