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One Life to Live Recap: Click, Click, Boom


Eli: Hey, Manning? If I can't have my wife, you can't have yours either.

Eli informed Tea that while Dani would be released, Tea would be staying. Outside, Bo secured the location and John told Todd that the exchange would occur as safely as possible, but they needed to be ready should Eli change the rules. John spoke with Eli, informing him that the ransom was in a van which would take Eli to the helicopter. Eli balked and asked for Blair. Blair assured Eli that she would do anything for the kids. She ran up to the window and pleaded with Eli to proceed as planned.

Eli exited with Dani, holding a gun on her in one hand and a bomb detonator in the other. When Eli said that Starr and Hope were still inside, Blair freaked and threatened Eli. Eli ordered Blair into the van and she complied, but once inside, she snuck out through the side door. Blair entered the warehouse through a vent and discovered an alive Tea. Blair and Tea shared an emotional reunion, but Tea revealed that Starr and Hope weren't there. Blair warned Tea against hysterics before enlightening Tea about Eli's bomb.

Eli pushed Dani to Todd and Bo and jumped into the van. Eli raged upon discovering the van empty and burst out through the back doors. John tried to appeal to Eli, but Eli said that if he didn't get what he wanted, no one else would either. With Blair and Tea still inside, Dani raced into the warehouse and Cole ran towards it. Eli detonated the bomb.

Brody stopped Natalie as she tried to pass the barricades, indicating that her presence would distract John. Natalie explained that there were four hostages: Tea's alive. Natalie again attempted to cross the blockade, but Brody insisted that he couldn't let anything happen to Natalie and the baby. Marty approached, and after Brody left with Natalie's news, Marty asked Natalie for an update as Cole stupidly jumped the barricade. When Marty tried to follow, Natalie stopped her, but Marty threatened Natalie.

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Marty: Let me through right now or I'll start asking questions about why Brody's so damn interested in your baby!

Hannah told Cole about a dream she allegedly had in which Starr and Hope perished. Cole remained positive and vowed to fix all of the wrongs between he and Starr. Via John's information, Marty updated Cole on the hostage situation, and they bolted for the warehouse. In their absence, Hannah toyed with a gun and decided that Starr and Hope should die.

Ford and James were staking out Marty's house when Langston returned with food. Ford complained that the food was too fattening and Langston made fun of his abs. James ordered them to focus. Ford's pain was flaring and when he began coughing uncontrollably, Langston wondered how an intense workout could cause him to cough up blood. Worried, James and Langston took Ford to the hospital. James later returned and found Hannah, asking her what she was doing there and she wondered the same about him.

After seeing an art exhibit, Gigi and Cristian arrived at the Buenos Dias and commiserated over missing Rex and Layla. Though an immediate plane ticket was too expensive, Cristian informed Gigi that he had booked a flight to Paris for next month.

Matthew sat alone at the diner when Clint arrived and joined him. Matthew said that it was Destiny's birthday, but everyone had left to see Greg. Clint felt slightly guilty for all of the pain Greg had caused given that Clint had called Greg to town initially. Matthew wanted to go to the hospital, but Clint suggested that it was a time for family.

Clint praised Matthew's work and his loyalty to family and friends, using Matthew calling security on Rex as an example. Clint told Matthew that Rex had been trying to steal corporate secrets and Matthew wondered why Clint hadn't pressed charges. Clint said he didn't want to hurt Bo or Natalie. Matthew offered to help Clint with work and they left for the office.

Greg claimed that he had betrayed his family. Mr. and Mrs. Evans sent a protesting Shaun and Destiny out of the room. Mrs. Evans believed that the truth would destroy everything, but Greg insisted on honesty. Shaun and Destiny returned. Mr. and Mrs. Evan told Destiny that they weren't her real parents. Shaun was confused, remembering when Destiny was born, but Mr. Evans pointed out that Shaun had been in jail during the supposed pregnancy. Destiny sobbed, thinking that she had been adopted, but Mr. and Mrs. Evans revealed that they were blood relatives: Greg is Destiny's father.