The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Someone Save Dayzee From Marcus!

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Marcus/Dayzee: Sparks fly between the two (Someone save her!).

Bridget: Ridge offers her a job offer with Forrester Creations.

Amber/Oliver/Hope/Liam: Desperate for more designs, Ms. Moore keeps up the flirtation with Oliver, in order to gain access to his house. Hope gets a bad vibe from Amber and decides to follow her over to Oliver's with Liam in tow. The pair spost Amber hacking into Oliver's computer.

Oliver/Hope: Mr. Jones gets his wires crossed when Hope gives him a pep talk.

Nick/Amber: The sailor is shocked by Amber's treachery. Amber maintains Nick wanted Forrester's designs.

Thomas/Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: He decides to create a stunt to keep reporters from leaving Hope's fashion show. Thomas cajoles Brooke to follow his lead. Ridge and Taylor are stunned by Thomas' showstopper.