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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paternity Test Switcher Revealed!


Ma Brady switched the paternity test! Caroline tells Kayla everything (Didn't see this coming!).

Arianna/EJ: Ari passes away before she can reveal to EJ that Sami shot him. EJ confides to Stefano about feeling guilty for manipulating Arianna into helping him uncover who shot him.. EJ blames both Will and Sami for Ari's death since she was running from Will and Sami is hiding something. EJ asks Sami if she's glad Arianna is dead since the truth she wanted to share died along with her.

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Later, EJ starts to grill Will for the truth but he doesn't crack. EJ heads over to Ari's place to look for some clues to what she wanted to tell him. EJ discovers Sami in Arianna's room. His baby mama is there looking for the tape Ari made of Sami confessing to EJ's shooting. EJ and Sami get into an argument and fight over a box Ari had. Later, EJ sneaks into Rafe's place digging for more dirt.

Hope: Fancy Face believes Lee is deeply involved in shady dealings.

Stefano: The Phoenix wants to target Will with EJ's help.

Nathan: He pops the question to Stephanie.

Kate: She finds out Brady has Vivian stashed in Isabella's tomb. Kate decides to keep mum about the situation and has some fun with Vivian.