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One Life to Live Spoilers: Marty Lies to Protect Her Son


This week, an explosion, an arrest and a person buried alive rock the city of Llanview to its core. Don’t forget that One Life to Live will air a classic episode featuring Todd and Tea on Wednesday, October 27.

Tea/Blair/Todd/John: John and Todd hurry into the warehouse to look for Starr and Hope, when disaster strikes them. The burning building collapses on John and Todd and buries them in a mound of debris. Meanwhile, a very lucky Tea and Blair are trapped in a storm drain below the warehouse. It turns out John and Todd are trapped in the same storm drain but a wall of debris separates them from Tea and Blair.

However, John is severely injured and Todd has to take drastic measures to save his life. Todd succeeds and he and John begin to dig through all the debris. Tea and Blair do the same. Blair makes her way through the debris and finds Todd and John. Shortly after, Todd and Tea finally see one another. They share a quick reunion and get out of the warehouse. How will everyone react to finding out that Tea is alive?

Eli/Cole/Marty: Eli bombs the warehouse and chaos ensues. Dani is knocked out by the blast and Marty tends to her. John manages to subdue Eli and slaps the cuffs on him. In the meantime, Cole enters the burning building to look for Starr and Hope. A burning piece of wood falls on Cole and takes him out. Cole is taken to safety where he finds the evidence bag with Eli's gun in it. Brody becomes distracted from holding Eli in custody and Cole shoots him.

Marty finds Cole right after he shoots Eli and forces him to leave the scene. Brody returns and Marty tells him she shot Eli to protect her son and is arrested. Cole thinks Starr and Hope died in the blast and is completely distraught. However, Marty calls to inform him Starr and Hope were not in the warehouse. Soon after, Marty is formally charged with the murder of Eli Clarke. Cole gets a visit from Langston who informs him she thinks Hannah is holding Starr captive somewhere. Will Cole believe Langston's theory?

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Natalie: A seriously injured Dani tells Natalie that Tea is alive and in the warehouse. Natalie gets to work trying to find Tea and discovers that John is trapped in the debris as well. She hopes to find both of them alive. In the meantime, Natalie takes the liberty of performing a forensics test on the gun used to shoot Eli and finds Cole's fingerprints. Natalie decides to confront Marty about her new found evidence. How ugly will things get between Natalie and Marty?

Hannah/James/Starr/Hope: Hannah informs James that she is holding Hope and Starr hostage and then pulls a gun on him. She takes James to Starr and Hope and holds all three of them captive. Hannah takes her hostages to a cemetery at gunpoint. She gives James and Starr shovels and tells them to start digging their own graves.

Begrudgingly, Starr buries James alive. Hannah tells Starr to begin on her own grave. An emotionally drained Starr starts to dig, when all of a sudden James surfaces from his grave Somehow, he manages to save Starr. (Side Note: I am literally turning my head in confusion.) Will James, Starr and Hope make it home in one piece?

Greg/Destiny: Greg confesses to Shaun and Destiny that he killed Destiny's mother. Will The Evans Family be able to get through this difficult time?

Charlie/Viki/Echo/Rex/Clint: Charlie learns that Viki never stopped her investigation of Echo and is very upset about it. Rex returns to Llanview with news that he didn't find the other half of the necklace on his mother's grave in New Mexico. Meanwhile, Clint's own PI is telling him that he got to the necklace at the gravesite before Rex did. Will Rex figure out what really happened to the necklace?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (November 1st):

  • Cole reunites with Starr and Hope
  • Todd and Tea make love
  • Marty slaps Natalie and promises revenge
  • James and Ford come face to face with their father
  • Echo has family in Llanview
  • Shaun and Greg talk about Destiny’s Mother, Charlene