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The Bold and The Beautiful Casts Skid Row's Homeless

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TV Guide's 
 Michael Logan dished with The Bold and the Beautiful's head writer and executive producer Brad Bell regarding his upcoming storyline featuring L.A.'s homeless on Oct. 28 and 29. Bell revealed what prompted him to create the storyline.

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TV Guide Magazine: What inspired you to do this story?

Bell: Three or four years ago, I wrote down a sentence on a piece of paper: Why are you homeless? And I've kept it in my desk ever since. I've long wondered about the stories behind all those people I drive past on Beverly Boulevard while going to work in the morning and going home at night. It's taken years for me to do this story and there have been several tries before I found a way to make it fit. We now have Stephanie (Susan Flannery) taking a camera to downtown L.A. and asking people, "Why are you homeless?" and letting them speak.

To read more about how Bell selected those to interview and Stephanie's health status click here.