General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Luke’s been admitted and is being checked out by Maya, while Tracy and Ethan watch. After Maya leaves the room, she worries to Ethan that she’ll be in trouble if caught. Monica shows up to examine Luke and berates him for boozing it up, despite his failing heart. Monica tells him he can avoid surgery, but he’ll have a long recovery and will need to be monitored closely. Tracey accepts the position of taking care of Luke, and he proposes. Monica lets Maya know that she knows the truth, but figures if this calms Tracy down, then she’s fine with it.

Claire tells Carly she doesn’t need her help in wooing Sonny. Jax asks Claire to get police protection for Brenda, since Jason’s not the best person for the job. Despite looking angry with Jax, Carly claims she’s not mad at him for interfering like this.

Lucky and Jason discuss pretending to grab Brenda and promising to deliver her to the Balkan, in order to bring him out. The Balkan’s man watches from the shadows and let’s his boss know what he’s seeing.

Lulu tells Brenda that Kate wants her for the cover of Crimson and at first Brenda declines, but when Lulu mentions that the original idea came from Jax, Brenda agrees to think about it, if she gets the invitation directly from Jax.

Lulu goes to Carly to ask for her help in getting Brenda on the cover of Crimson and tells her that Brenda will do it, if Jax asks and Carly needs to okay that.

Sonny asks Dante not to be so hard on Brenda next time he sees her, since she’s a fragile person and is sad that he can’t be with her. Dante claims he won’t be seeing her again.

Dante meets with Claire, who tells him that she wants Brenda to have police protection. Claire says that if something happens to Brenda, then Sonny will feel guilty. She’s taking Dante off the car bomb case and putting him as Brenda’s head bodyguard.

Nik and Siobhan continue to discuss Lucky, until Liz shows up and Nik asks Siobhan to hide. Liz lets Nikolas know that the trust fund money is gone, but assures him that she doesn’t want anything from him. Lucky shows up, so Nikolas leaves them to discuss. Liz admits the truth to him, and tells him she did it to be free of Nikolas’ money, and because she wanted to hold onto him. Lucky reminds her again that they are done, and she’s okay with that. Liz leaves and Siobhan comes out of the shadows, having heard the whole conversation. Lucky wonders how much she heard, but Siobhan wonders why he cares, since they’re only together because of the threat from the Balkan, but Lucky feels there’s more going on between them.

Jason lets Sonny know about his conversation with Lucky. Sonny doesn’t want Brenda used as bait, since she’s so fragile and volatile.

Sam comes home to find Brenda hanging out, letting her know that she’s been busy, but wants to spend time with Jason. Jax shows up and takes Brenda out. Jason’s happy to see Sam, who admits that she’s been staying away to avoid Brenda. Sam suggests that they use her as bait rather than Brenda herself.

Jax and Brenda discuss Sonny and her feelings for him, but she claims she’s over him for good, since she’s a grown up now. Jax warns her that Sonny will come after her again, because he doesn’t care who he hurts. Brenda assures him that she’ll come to him for help. Sonny sees them talking.