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One Life to Live Recap: Happiness Is a Warm Gun

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Marty: The odds? I don't want your odds, Natalie! We're not gambling with my son's life!

John and Eli fought, and eventually John handcuffed Eli. John read Eli his Miranda rights, but when he asked if Eli understood, Eli jokingly asked John to repeat everything. Simultaneously, Cole snuck into the warehouse and was promptly flattened by a falling piece of ceiling, Brody told John that Tea was in the warehouse, and Todd freaked upon discovering that Dani was injured and unconscious.

Marty suggested that Brody may be the father of Natalie's baby, but before the argument could escalate, Marty and Natalie were distracted by the explosion. Natalie received information from officers closer to the scene and relayed it to Marty. Natalie said that there was a lot of confusion, but most likely, Cole was fine. Natalie awkwardly tried to comfort Marty, eventually relenting in letting Marty through the barricade. Todd ran over carrying Dani and demanded that Marty tend to her. Marty attempted to dodge Todd, worried about her own child, but Todd insisted.

Brody questioned Eli about Tea's whereabouts, but when Eli played dumb, Brody painfully threatened him. Eli enigmatically told Brody that the concern should be about who was NOT in the warehouse. John dashed into the building to search for survivors and found Cole trapped under a beam. Via incompatible communication devices, Brody reassured Natalie that John was capable and would be fine.

Todd demanded that Marty stay with Dani, though he said please, because Marty would know how to keep Dani calm. Though Todd shrugged off Cole's safety, Marty agreed, but asked Todd about Blair’s whereabouts. Todd remained uncertain following Blair’s Houdini from the van. John eventually freed Cole and walked him outside, handing off a dazed Cole to Bo and Brody. Natalie informed a relieved Marty and Marty rushed off to find him, leaving Dani in Natalie's care. Dani confirmed that Tea was in the warehouse.

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As John was heading back inside, Todd insisted on tagging along, telling John that John would have to shoot Todd to stop him. They pushed past the protesting firefighters, and almost immediately, the building collapsed. Bo and the search-and-rescue teams, including the medics tending to Cole, raced inside. Cole reached into the conveniently-accessible evidence case and retrieved Eli's gun. Cole determinedly walked up to an unattended Eli and shot him point-blank.

Tell me something: how many officers should lose their jobs for leaving Cole, Eli, and a loaded gun unattended?

Hannah told James that Marty and Cole went to the warehouse and James suggested that he and Hannah go as well. Hannah said she was going to stay home in case Marty called, but that James should go. James called Hannah's bluff, telling her he would wait with her. Starr, meanwhile, was rigging a trap for Hannah in the attic.

James revealed his suspicions about Hannah, calling her insane. Hannah showed him the baseball Starr had tried to use for rescue. Hannah then revealed all to James, pulling a gun while refusing to allow him to "ruin everything." While waiting in the attic, Starr heard Hannah singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" and prepared to attack her. When the door opened, Starr dropped a box from above, knocking out her intruder. The intruder turned out to be James.

At the diner, Gigi and Cristian discussed Gigi's awkwardness with nude models. Cristian advised that she view them solely as objects. Unlike the people they love, the models don't have personalities. Gigi determined that art often looked like complete chaos, but if you focused long enough, eventually it made sense, much like relationships. Gigi assured Cristian that his long-distance affair would get easier. They both considered themselves lucky, but Gigi wished that she would hear from Rex. Just then, her phone rang. It was Rex calling.

Greg revealed that Destiny was conceived when Greg was beginning medical school. Phylicia, a social worker, assured Greg that they would place the baby with a good home, but when Destiny was born, they couldn't give her away. Destiny was broken-hearted over being lied to her entire life and she asked Greg about her mother. Greg admitted that he has a long-standing pattern: Destiny's biological mom had been Shaun's girlfriend, Charlene.

On Shaun's appeal, Greg confessed that he slept with Charlene when they were working together on Shaun's. Greg said there was no justification for his betrayal. Shaun agreed and began choking Greg. After Richard stopped Shaun's attack, Destiny asked about Charlene. Greg divulged that Charlene was dead and the only other person who knew was Eli. Destiny ran out of the room and Shaun followed, pulling her into a bear hug. Greg revealed to his parents that he killed Charlene.