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Days of Our Lives November Preview: Jennifer Rose is Back! What About Jack?!


Jennifer/Ben: Jennifer Rose is back, but where is Jack? Seems like Mr. Devereaux is off somewhere trying to "find himself", making Jen want to snap! Look for Jennifer to meet Ben when she makes her way back home. Will sparks fly?

Hope and Jenn in the Joint: Hope's best friend and cousin returns just in time to realize Fancy Face is hiding something, prompting the reporter to sneak into the prison. Hope, meanwhile keeps edging closer to the truth about what exactly is going on at the prison. When Hope finds herself in danger, will Bo come to the rescue in time?

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EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole: Sucks to be Sami. Nicole finds the video confession Arianna taped before her death. When EJ learns the truth, he uses it to turn the tables. He blackmails Sami saying he wants custody of their kids, or he will make sure Sami, Will and Rafe go to jail. Meanwhile, Nicole is granted access to Sydney, but there's a catch. On a slightly happier note for Safe fans, Rafe marries Sami in the woods, to keep from having to testify against her.

Chloe/Daniel/Carly/Philip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: Nathan asks Stephanie to marry him, but his heart really belongs to Melanie. Melanie becomes a hero when she helps Chloe deliver her baby at the Horton cabin. The baby and Chloe are taken back to the hospital where Mel and Nathan must work together to save a sick patient. The two end up contracting a virus and must be quarantined together. Carly goes all out to save Melanie. Truth time approaches for those involved in this storyline.

Vivian/Victor/Maggie: Madame Alamain is rescued by Gus. Vivian moves forward with her previous plan to entomb Maggie, but Victor finds out and rescues Maggie. Viv decides its time to step up her game.