General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sam insists that using her as bait in place of Brenda is the smart move. Jason thinks he needs to use Brenda, because the Balkan will keep her alive, whereas he’ll likely kill Sam. Sam assures him that she’s used to reacting to his cues, whereas Jason can’t count on what Brenda’s reaction will be. Sam reminds him that Brenda is too impulsive and volatile, but Jason reminds her that it’s not only her life on the line, but Lucky’s as well.

Brenda tells Jax that she's itching to get back to her life in Rome. The two reminisce about their past together. She tells him her happiest moments were with him and Jax wonders what would have been. He claims he’s happy now, with a wife and daughter, and Brenda says she’s happy for him.

Dante’s not interested in being a glorified babysitter for Brenda, and says that Jason doesn’t need his help, but Claire’s not taking no for an answer.

Lulu tries to convince Carly to talk Jax into putting Brenda on the cover, but Carly’s not okay with it and is not shy about letting her feelings show. She says Brenda has a hold on Jax, but Lulu insists Jax loves her and only her.

Siobhan wants to go back home, but Lucky wants her to stick around until the Balkan threat is over. Lucky talks to Lulu, who asks to meet him to discuss Luke. Lulu lets Lucky in on Luke’s scam and asks him to visit at the hospital to keep the plan going.

Michael runs into Molly at Kelly’s. Molly’s says she’s worried about Sam, who’s feeling neglected because of Brenda. Molly tells Michael to talk to Jason about setting up something romantic for Sam. Michael assures her that Jason loves Sam and not to worry about it.

Abby shows up, and Molly’s curious as to how she and Michael know each other. Molly gets a call and leaves, so Abby and Michael make small talk about how she’s going to school and is only dancing to pay for it. Michael admits to her that he blew off Allie’s party. When Abby heads out, Michael essentially asks her if he’ll see her again, and she’s interested in coming back.

Tracy continues to sit by Luke’s side. He proposes again, but she says they’ll discuss marriage when he’s stronger. Lucky and Lulu show up. Lucky visits with his dad, while Lulu wonders if Tracy’s been home or had something to eat. Tracy insists she’s staying at the hospital. Once the kids leave, Tracy admits to Luke how much she loves him, and he proposes a third time. Epiphany comes in and sends Tracy home.

Jax drops Brenda off at the penthouse and Jason is short with him, which makes Brenda angry. Jason tells Brenda about the plan to turn her over to the Balkan, but explains that they’re going to use Sam instead. Brenda is adamant that she go, so as not to have Sam get hurt. Both Sam and Jason say that Sam is capable of holding her own. Dante shows up and lets Brenda know that he’s her new bodyguard, which Brenda’s not happy about, but it’s fine with Jason. Brenda accepts the bodyguard, but not having Sam take her place.

Jax admits to Carly that he and Brenda spent some time talking, but says he’s got a good life now. Carly tells him about Lulu’s visit and wanting Brenda for Crimson. Jax insists that he will not be asking Brenda to do the cover.

Dante comes home to Lulu, who tells him of her day with Luke, Crimson and Carly. He tells her he’s been assigned to Brenda, but does not tell her that it’s his second time, even thought the opening was there for him to take. Lulu begins to worry that Dante will get sucked into Brenda’s vortex, like all other men in town.

Lucky comes back to Windemere and lets Siobhan know about Luke. He tells her they’ll be meeting with the Balkan soon and she assures him that she’ll stay put, but reminds him to be careful and not get himself, and Jason, ambushed instead.The  Balkan’s man lets his boss know who Lucky Spencer really is.