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General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky's Cover is Blown!

Here’s the Scoop!

Lucky’s cover is blown … and I already told you that one of the Balkan’s goons gets his hands on Siobhan. What will Lucky do when he gets a picture of Siobhan tied to a chair? It looks like Jason and Dante help Lucky in the search for the Irish cutie. Is Siobhan staying in Port Chuck? RUMOR has it that she’s Jake’s next employee.


Brenda collapses into Jason’s arms! Will Sam be witness? That’s not all Ms. Barrett is doing. She’s also taking aim with a firearm! When one of the Balkan’s men grabs the pint-sized model, Dante comes to her rescue and knocks the gun out of his grasp. Brenda fires as Lucky, Jason and Sam arrive. Bye-Bye Mr. Bad Dude.

Is Brenda finally spilling her secrets? The GOSSIP is that Brenda finally tells Jason what her big, bad secret is. He promises to keep his ex-wife’s secret to himself.

Lulu wants to know just what the heck is up with Dante and Brenda. Will the model offer up some advice? Brenda is RUMORED to tell Lulu not to let any man consume your life.

Do you love the Alexis & Jax friendship? I do! RUMOR has it the two are having a heart to heart soon.

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Emma Drake … this poor baby. She’s been kidnapped too many times and now there is a fire on her birthday. After Emma’s party at Uncle Mac’s, Robin takes her upstairs for bed, only she forgot to blow out all the birthday candles. When Robin comes back downstairs, having smelled smoke, she trips on the steps and knocks herself out. Who will save her from the fire? RUMOR has it Lisa is the first one to show up on the scene. These RUMORS go on to say that Robin is burned and those burns get infected.

CRAZY and RANDOM … Ethan and Lucky talk about marriage. Brenda wants to know if Sam plans on having a family with Jason. It looks like Carly uncovers Brenda and Dante’s secret. Edward has an offer for Ethan.

NOVEMBER SWEEPS: A charity gala. Robin accuses Lisa of arson. RUMORS say Lucky and Siobhan hit the sheets again. Do you think Brenda and Dante did the nasty? There are a lot of RUMBLINGS that they did. I know when I said so on a recent podcast, not everyone agreed with me.