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One Life to Live Recap: I'll Cover You

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Marty: He’s dead. I shot him.

Cole shot Eli a second time. Marty arrived and, shocked, pronounced Eli dead. Cole was shaken but remorseless. Marty was convinced that with Cole’s record, he would go away for life, given that Eli had been defenseless. Cole countered that he had no life without Starr or Hope. Marty commanded Cole to leave, instructing him to stay quiet. Marty bent to pick up the gun right as Natalie arrived.

Natalie was flabbergasted. Marty relinquished the gun as Natalie questioned the scene. Marty took the blame, using the deaths of her baby, Starr, and Hope along with Eli’s manipulation of Hannah as justification. Marty kicked Eli’s body as Cole broke down at home, cradling Starr’s hoodie. Natalie revealed Dani’s confirmation that Starr and Hope were never in the warehouse. Marty’s heart sank.

Brody flipped when he saw Eli’s body. Natalie asked about John, but Brody said that John remained unaccounted for. Natalie raced to the warehouse as Brody shouted after her to be careful. Marty admitted guilt and told Brody to arrest her. Brody believed that Marty was justified, but legally he had to arrest her. Cole cried, while holding a picture of Starr and Hope.

Starr freaked when she realized that she knocked out James. Hannah arrived and laughed at Starr’s faux pas, taunting her with the fact that Cole was oblivious and that he had gone to the ransom site. Starr pleaded with Hannah, assuring her that she would keep Hannah’s secret, but Hannah was distrustful and left.

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James woke up and Starr apologized for knocking him out. James decided to jump Hannah, but Starr reminded him of the gun and he scrapped his plan. Starr was thankful, but surprised, that James risked his life despite knowing that Hannah’s crazy. James claimed that he owed Starr, and vowed that Hannah couldn’t break up Starr and Cole. James tended to Starr’s sprained ankle, tying it with his torn-up shirt. Hannah returned, cooing about how Starr and James belong together, and said it was time to go.

Natalie tried to reassure a panicked Dani and Dani revealed that Starr and Hope were not in the warehouse. Dani refused to leave before Tea was found, and when Nate arrived, Natalie asked him to stay with Dani. Nate blamed himself, but Dani assured him that Eli planned to target her anyway. Dani called Tea’s resurrection a miracle and prayed for another one, saying that she couldn’t lose Tea after just getting her back.

Blair and Tea roused and were both uninjured. They failed to see a way out, but Blair warned Tea against being pessimistic. Tea laughed that she and Blair were, once again, trapped in a confined space together. Blair ordered Tea not to yell, fearing a collapse of the building. They realized that they only had themselves to rely on and Blair promised that Tea would return to Dani.

Tea explained that Greg faked Tea’s brain tumor and she filled in the gaps of Eli’s entire plan. Blair told Tea about Todd hearing her voice on the phone, and Tea told Blair that she had called, but the phone was taken away before Todd called back. Blair apologized for inadvertently bringing Eli to Llanview, but Tea was sorry about what Blair went through. Blair called Todd “a stand-up guy” and a disbelieving Tea joked that she “must’ve been gone longer than [I] thought.” Blair heard John’s cry of pain and ordered Tea to focus. Working together, they began tunneling through the rubble.

Bo was uncertain about all who were in the warehouse, save for Todd and John. Bo tried contacting John via radio, but received no response. Brody informed a surprised Bo that Tea was alive and in the building. Bo and Brody began searching for survivors, when Bo found John’s badge. Brody feared the worst, but Bo insisted no deaths would be declared until bodies were found.

Natalie charged in and Bo confessed that John had yet to be found. Natalie tried to surge past, but Bo blocked Natalie, concerned about her and the baby. Bo gave her John’s badge.

Todd found an unconscious John. Todd figured that John needed C.P.R. Todd warred with himself, but realized he was John’s only hope. Todd grimaced and reluctantly leaned in to administer mouth-to-mouth, but John awoke. John accused Todd of trying to make out with him.

John’s shoulder was dislocated. Todd only agreed to pop it back in after John pointed out that Todd needed John’s help to get out. John cried out in pain when his shoulder snapped back into place. Todd and John began digging themselves out of the storm drain, unaware that Blair and Tea were on the opposite side of the wall through which they were burrowing.