Read First Two Chapters of Sheri Anderson's Jarlena/Shelle DAYS Novel at Days Insider!

Salem lovers wanting to get a sneak peek at former Days of Our Lives headwriter Sheri Anderson's upcoming tome A Secret in Salemcan peep the first two chapters online at Days Insider. I just read the freebies and the writing is soooo much better than those substandard books Procter and Gamble has churned out over the years based on their soaps. This probably has something to do with the fact that Anderson is one of the best head writers in DAYS' history, and knows these characters inside and out!

SPOILER ALERT: The novel picks up with Shawn and Belle over a year after they left Salem with Claire on The Fancy Face IV,  then cuts to Dr. Marlena Evans visiting (gasp) a plastic surgery clinic! What in the world would the flawless Doc need to be doing at a Nip/Tuck shop?!


 For a subscription of $9.95 fans can get early access to the rest of the novel, which comes out Nov. 9 from Sourcebooks.  Man I wish DAYS would bring John, Marlena, Shawn and Belle home to Salem and Anderson right along with them!