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The Young and the Restless November Previews: What Is Diane Hiding?


Diane/Jack/Phyllis: Diane's past comes back to bite her. Is Diane broke? What's the real reason she returned to Genoa City? One thing's for sure, she isn't above using Kyle to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Smilin' Jack and Big Red's reunion continues to be hampered by Diane's presence. How far will Phyllis go to make sure history doesn't repeat itself?

Nick/Sharon/Adam/Skye: The high school sweethearts toy with the notion of getting back together, but Nick's little brother won't give up on thoughts of a reunion of his own, much to Skye's chagrin. Look for Adam to take major steps to prove to Sharon he's the man for her.

Cane: Look for Family ties (Tristan Rogers' Colin) to start to pull on Lily's hubby.

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Victor: The Black Knight is in for the fight of his life.

Deacon/Nikki/Meggie: The barmaid and Mr. Sharpe continue to work their plan to cause Nikki to sink further into the bottle, so Meggie can get her hands on TVGN's wallet. Look for some unexpected twists and turns in this saga before Meggie exits.

Victoria/Abby: The Newman sisters stick to their guns with their lawsuit against dear 'ol dad, threatening to rip their family apart at the seams.

Kevin/Jeff: Hogan continues to manipulate Jeff and Kevin. Will their association with the not-so-goodfella place their loved ones in jeopardy?

Katherine: The grand dame's stressful situation starts to effect those around her.

Daisy: Sheila's deranged daughter returns with a surprise for a certain Genoa City male. I wonder who's gonna buy the cigars?