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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis (No really, I said Alexis!) gets called into Claire’s office to discuss the night of the car bombing, since Sonny is now the prime suspect. For the most part, Alexis plays dumb and claims Sonny swore to her that he wasn’t involved and that he was very concerned about Kristina. Claire wonders how far Alexis will go to protect Sonny.

Claire calls Johnny in for questioning as well, and Johnny tells her that she won’t like his answers, because he believes Sonny hired the best. She asks if he has evidence and he reminds her that’s her job. Flowers from Sonny get delivered while Johnny’s there and he wonders if, when the truth comes out, she will betray her oath as prosecutor of if she will betray Sonny.

Johnny meets with Ethan to let him know that Claire might be coming to him to ask about his whereabouts that night. Ethan says he’ll tell her the truth, that he was on an errand for Luke. Johnny questions the odds of that, but Ethan angrily tells him that he shouldn’t have let things go as far as they did, because Kristina is the one who suffers.

Sonny stops by Kelly’s to talk to Mike about Brenda. Sonny admits to his father that he wants to be with Brenda, but she doesn’t want to be with him. Mike compares Sonny’s feelings for Brenda with his reaction to gambling.

Jason and Sam explain to Suzanne the plans to "kidnap" Brenda, using Sam as bait. Suzanne is sure it won’t work, that Brenda will never let another woman get in danger for her. Spinelli claims that Brenda wants to go and that she hates Jason for not letting her. Suzanne tells Jason that he needs to explain to Brenda, rather than ordering her around. She feels that Brenda wants Jason’s respect.

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Michael witnesses Dante having another nightmare and Michael commiserates with that feeling. Dante apologizes again for Michael going to prison, saying he only wanted to help him, not hurt him. Dante lets him know that he’s not on the car bomb case anymore, but that he’s been hired to guard Brenda. Michael jokingly tells him not to fall in love.

Michael runs into Abby at Kelly’s again. They talk about college, and Michael admits that he doesn’t want to go, but she tells him not to throw away his future just because he hates high school now.

Robin’s planning Emma’s birthday party and asks Liz` opinion. Liz tells her not to go the clown route, but just keep it low key. She wonders if Patrick will be there. Robin assumes that he will.

A surgical case comes up and, though Patrick reminds Steven that he’s not going to work with Lisa, Steven tells him the patient’s welfare comes first and forces Patrick to do the surgery with Lisa. The surgery is successful and Patrick agrees the two make a good team.

Dante runs into Olivia at Kelly’s. Olivia asks Dante to join her and Johnny for dinner. Dante’s not comfortable, because Johnny’s a mobster and Lulu’s former boyfriend, but Olivia guilts him into accepting it.

Robin goes to Sonny to complain about Lisa and Patrick, how much Lisa pushes her buttons and her uncertainty about her feelings for Patrick. Sonny point blank asks her if she wants him to "intervene" with Lisa, but Robin says no. Robin admits she still loves and misses Patrick despite her anger at him. Sonny tells her to forgive him because holding a grudge just eats you up and wears you down.

Jason and Sam head over to the warehouse where they’re going to meet with the Balkan, determined to test it out before the big day. Sam wonders about Lucky and his turning a blind eye to Jason’s involvement. Sam’s worried about Jason going back to prison.

Claire pops by to thank Sonny for the flowers. Talk turns to the car bomb case. He says he wants to take her out again, but she says she can’t accept because he’s a prime suspect. She admits that, while she can’t prosecute him herself, she will build a case against him.

Jason and Sam return from the warehouse. Suzanne tells him that Brenda has promised to stay put, but lets Jason know that she doesn’t believe her and feels that Brenda will pull something. Dante arrives and, after Jason explains the plan to him, he reminds him that he has to keep Brenda in the apartment and not turn his back on her. Sam comes down, dressed as Brenda, ready to go.