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One Life to Live Recap: Ghost of a Chance


Todd: Yeah, I thought losing Tea was the worst thing that could happen to me. Try losing the kids.

Hearing Tea, Todd told John he heard a ghost. Todd groused about losing the few people who care about him, but John told him that the deaths of others weren’t meant as punishment for Todd. John alluded to Tea being alive, but warned Todd against losing it.

John told Todd about Tea and chronicled the entire story for a disbelieving and threatening Todd. John indicated that Tea was in the warehouse and Todd freaked. John and Todd created an opening in the rubble and pulled through a thankful Blair. Todd turned around and locked eyes with an emotional Tea.

Hearing muffled sounds, Tea yelled, but Blair covered Tea’s mouth. Tea tried to bite Blair, but Blair insisted that Tea’s “little voice [is] like a bullhorn.” Blair ordered an exhausted Tea to take a break, affirming to Tea that she would return to Dani. Blair realized that the warehouse was unstable and Tea began helping, not wanting to run out of time again.

Natalie began to get hysterical and grabbed at her stomach. Bo worried, but Nat explained that the baby had just moved for the first time. Natalie believed it was a sign that Hondo Jr. wanted John to be his father. Bo insisted on taking Natalie back to the station where she would be safe. Bo pledged that Nat would be his first call when John was found. Natalie hugged Bo tightly.

Brody, with Marty in tow, reassured a relieved Nora that Bo was fine. Nora noticed Marty’s handcuffs. Marty begged to call Cole, but Brody reminded Marty that she only gets one phone call and she should call a lawyer. Marty ignored Brody and confessed to Nora. Nora told her to shut up, asking for justification, but was disappointed and confused when Marty showed no remorse.

Nora was concerned as Bo, and a shaken Natalie, arrived at the station. Natalie went to work as Bo informed Nora that John was missing. Bo heard from the Fire Chief that the search was called off because the building imploded. Bo decided that he would continue the search himself, but Nora argued against him.

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Nora was suspicious of Marty’s confession, but Bo regretfully said that they had to do things by the book. Bo filled in a shocked Nora on the inhabitants of the warehouse including Tea.

Marty called Cole with the news about Starr and Hope. Without divulging her confession, Marty advised Cole to stay away and stay quiet. Natalie told Brody that the baby had kicked. She worried for John, and Brody gave Natalie a hug as a curious Marty watched. Natalie told an unfazed Brody that Marty suspected something and brushed past him, insisting she had work to do.

After Inez called to relay the suspicions about Hannah, Bo dispatched Brody to Marty’s house. Nora immediately wondered what Hannah had done now. Bo told Nora that he had to return to the warehouse. Nora kissed Bo multiple times, not wanting to let him go, and ordered him to be careful.

Brody had called the Public Defender on Marty’s behalf, but Nora wrote down the number for a top-notch defense attorney and instructed Marty to have her P.D. call him. Nora promised she would make Marty’s prosecution as easy as possible. Nora walked away as Natalie approached. Why was Cole’s fingerprint was on the trigger if Marty was the shooter?

Clint surprised Inez at the station and Inez thanked Clint for all his kindness towards her and her family. At the hospital, Ford was diagnosed with internal injuries and Langston wondered who effected the beating. Ford kept quiet, but Langston called the police. Inez answered, and after learning about Ford, Clint took Inez to the hospital.

Ford maintained that he was involved a misunderstanding with a stranger. Inez offered a hostage update, and Ford and Langston realized their suspicions about Hannah were correct. Langston left to inform Cole, but not before sharing a tender moment with Ford.

Inez fretted about James. Brody arrived and declared James officially missing. Clint comforted Inez as Ford watched.

Cole was broken, but after speaking to Marty, Cole wondered where Starr and Hope were. Langston arrived and informed a surprised Cole of her suspicions about Hannah.

All in costume, Hannah brought Starr, James, and Hope to the cemetery. Hannah ordered Starr and James to dig their own graves. Hannah thwarted a play James made for the gun. Drunk party-goers arrived and Starr made a plea to the guests, but Hannah convinced them that a movie was being filmed and they wandered off. Hannah insisted that she would be Hope’s new mother.

Hannah became unhinged when James revealed that Ford and Langston were on to her. Starr distracted Hannah as James lunged for the gun, but Hannah cold-cocked him into unconsciousness. Hannah kicked James’ body into the shallow grave. Hannah instructed Starr to bury James alive, but when Starr refused, Hannah threatened Hope. Starr finished, and Hannah revealed that it was now Starr’s turn.