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Oprah Bans Word "Bitch" From OWN

The Mighty O let it be known at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference that the word "bitch" will not be allowed on her network, OWN. Entertainment Weekly reports:


The Oprah Winfrey Network will be “fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches,” Oprah said at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference yesterday. “Imagine that. Imagine."

Now on one hand, this is a symbolic way to bring attention to a worthy issue, i.e. that rampant sexism still exists in our society and by issuing a silence policy on this word for an entire network, Oprah Winfrey is actually placing that issue front and center. On the other hand, it's a savvy PR move since it will undoubtedly get people talking—as they already are—and therefore draw more attention to her new network. One also wonders if this had anything to do with Joy Behar . I'm sure The View ladies will be discussing it.

The following questions came to mind though when I heard this news:

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1) Does one "bitch" utterance result in removal from the network and/or the wrath of O? Or is it a three strikes kinda policy?

2) Has anyone told Rosie O'Donnell about this? Who's going to keep her potty mouth in check?

3) Will 90's one-hit wonder Meredith Brooks not be allowed to stage a combeck or perform her seminal hit on the network?

4) If say there is a pet fashion show, will  female German Shepherds be forbidden from the network?