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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Meggie Marries Victor!


Things go from bad to worse for the Newman family. Meggie goes to the rehab center and leaves alcohol with Deacon for him to give to Nikki. Mr. Sharpe starts to have second thoughts. He's started to care for Nikki and doesn't want to jeopardize her sobriety anymore. Deacon gives the booze to a rehab employee instead.

Meanwhile, Nikki learns from Victoria that Victor tried to have her banned from the rehab center and rips him a new one. Victoria pleads with her mother not to take the plunge with Victor again. Nikki leans on Deacon and the two almost kiss again! Later, Meggie tells Deacon she is going to slip Victor a mickey and head off to Las Vegas to get hitched! Once that happens, Meggie plans on drugging the Black Knight yet again in order to gain his money. Meggie starts to  pick up on Deacon's blossoming feelings for Nikki and figures out he is not down for the cause anymore. The barmaid realizes Deacon is a liability.

Victor tells Kay he feels he caused Nikki to start drinking once again. He ponders if the pressure of being his wife resulted in her falling off the wagon. Kay implores Victor to believe in his woman and  fight for her.

Murphy tries to use Morse code to clue everyone in about Meggie. While his loved ones are trying to figure out what he is telling him, his stats go off the charts. Victor and Kay decide to hold off on seeking answers from Murphy. Later, Victor uses Meggie as a sounding board regarding Nikki. Meggie seizes this opportunity to plant doubts in Victor's mind and get closer to him. Meggie actually manages to marry Victor, resulting in Nikki turning elsewhere for comfort! Will she sleep with Deacon?!

Lauren/Daisy/Daniel/Abby: She keeps thinking she is seeing Daisy, but starts to wonder if her mind is playing tricks on her. Unfortunately for Lauren, Phyllis shows her proof in a photo that Daisy is back. Meanwhile, Daniel and Abby return to his place just in time for Daisy to arrive and show off her baby bump! She announces Daniel is the father! Daniel threatens to call the cops, but Daisy warns him she will do harm to their unborn child if he does.

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Adam/Sharon: Adam spies on Nick and Sharon as they hand out candy for Halloween. He places Sharon's missing glove outside her door. Sharon finds it and calls him. She learns he decided to stay in Genoa City all because of her.

Old Smilin' Jack has to make a decision regarding Diane and Phyllis.

JT/Mac/Victoria/Billy: JT and Mac find out from the doctor his heart suffered too much damage when he was electrocuted, so he won't be able to become a cop. They realize life is too short and decide to get hitched at the Chancellor estate before leaving town. Victoria is crushed when she learns JT and Mac are leaving town with Reed. She vows never to forgive JT. Billy decides to decimate Victor for all the pain he's caused his wife.

Cane/Lily: The Aussie starts to realize what is at stake. Later, Lily discovers Cane with Blake and wants some answers. Look for Cane and Blake to come up with quite the scheme for Blake to get the money he feels Cane owes the cattle rustlers. Think FOX's short-lived Lonestar.

Kevin/Chloe: Hogan pulls a gun on Kevin. Chloe threatens to call the police causing Kevin to break down and admit to what he's been up to. Later, Kevin gets hustled.

She offers Noah the chance  to spend the night.

Daniel/Abby: The Naked Heiress decides she wants a relationship with Daniel. He tells Abby he wants to be exclusive with her.

Heather/Ronan: Paul's daughter realizes Ronan is keeping a secret and sets out to discover exactly what it is.