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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Abby and Michael continue to talk. They discuss her past, why she’s chosen to become a stripper and how she cares about Michael despite knowing hime for only a short time. Michael thinks she should stop stripping and find a different way to make money, but she explains that it pays her tuition. Michael begins to feel badly that he doesn’t have money problems, but she assures him that he has lots of courage and should enjoy himself. Abby heads out, but promises to come back and Michael agrees to wait for her.

Claire tells Sonny that if evidence turns up, she won’t be able to look the other way, but Sonny assures her there is no evidence to find. He wants to take her out and they start to kiss, but she gets a call from Ronnie and she leaves. Alexis pops by Sonny’s to let him know Claire is questioning her again. He tells her he’s not worried about dating Claire.

Ronnie has a tape, from a wire tap, of Sonny talking about setting the bomb. Claire is shocked to hear it, but tells Ronnie to leave the recording with her, and he warns her not to bury it. She reminds him that his hands aren’t clean, with the whole taking Johnny’s gun thing. He says that if Sonny’s guilty, he should pay. Sonny pops by as Claire’s calling a colleague to find out about the admissibility of the wire tap.

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Brenda wakes up screaming from the nightmare of her and Dante in an alley. Spinelli comes running to help her. He wants to interpret her dream, but she’s more interested in getting some information out of him about Jason’s plans. Eventually, she has him so tied up in knots that he lets the warehouse details slip and she gets rid of him.

Nikolas wants Lucky to call the Interpol agent for back up, but Lucky’s not all that impressed with Interpol’s help so far. When he’s alone with Siobhan, she wonders why he wants to throw his life away, but he only wants to help. She wants to go with him to help, but he asks her to stay behind and pray for his safe return. She kisses him and he leaves. Nik returns and says he’s leaving to take Spencer out for Halloween, and she promises to stay put. The minute he’s gone, Siobhan takes off and is seen by someone.

Johnny and Ethan meet at Kelly’s and continue to discuss Sonny and the car bomb. Johnny says he’ll keep the truce, but won’t lie if Claire comes to him. Ethan wants him to stop complaining about his very good lot in life and not tell the truth, so that Kristina doesn’t find out that her father almost accidentally killed her.

Patrick tells Robin that he’s got a surgery and won’t be able to join her for Halloween with Emma, but he admits to Liz that he wants to give Robin her space. Robin shows up with Emma as an adorable lamb and Patrick is happy to have gotten a look at her.

Robin and Emma pop by Kelly’s to pick up food and make small talk with Ethan, Johnny and Michael. When she goes to leave, she turns back to get her coffee, leaving Emma in the doorway. Someone grabs Emma.

Jason reminds Dante that he needs to control Brenda while they’re gone. They go over the plan, and Dante reminds them that the Balkan’s men will wonder why Jason doesn’t kill Ronan as soon as he grabs Brenda. So Max and Milo are brought in to make the exchange. As they walk Sam out, Lucky grabs her and takes her to the warehouse, where Jason meets them, letting them know that the Balkan isn’t there. Lucky calls his go between and demands to have the Balkan show up so he can give him Brenda. Lucky ties up Sam and they all wait.

Brenda and Dante finally discuss their secret. She shot one of Balkan’s men and he disposed of the body. She wonders why the Balkan is coming after her now, and he says police found the body he disposed of. He reminds her that she saved both their lives that night and that as soon as the Balkan is caught by Lucky and Jason, they can go on as though that night never happened. When Dante turns his back on her, Brenda grabs a vase, smacks him over the head and runs out.