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One Life to Live Recap: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

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Starr: I really hope that you have more than nine lives, because I’ve already taken three.

Hannah jumps on James’ grave. Starr gives Hannah facts about Hope and begs to say goodbye. Hannah is affected by Starr’s farewell. Starr asks Hannah to tell Cole that Starr loves him, but Hannah balks. At Hannah’s insistence, Starr begins to climb into the empty grave when James reaches out from the dirt and grabs Hannah’s ankle.

James attacks Hannah, but Hannah gets out from under him. Starr whacks Hannah with the shovel from behind. James ties up Hannah as Starr points out that James seems to be Super Resurrecting Guy. The police arrive and Starr thanks James, kissing him on the cheek. Hannah is arrested, but she warns James that in her losing Cole, James has now lost Starr.

Langston relates to Cole everything that made her suspicious about Hannah and asserts that they wanted more evidence before telling Cole and the police. Cole questions Hannah’s motives. Langston indicates that it’s because Hannah wants Cole for herself. Cole feels stupid and guilty, but Langston insists that Hannah, an expert liar, fooled everyone. Cole alludes to a big mistake he made (shooting Eli), but doesn’t reveal details. Langston excuses herself, but promises to call with any news.

Cole answers the door to trick-or-treaters, including a little girl Hope’s age. Once alone, Cole sinks back into his chair, but when he looks up, Starr and Hope are there. Hope toddles into Cole’s arms and Starr smiles.

Todd quickly crawls through the opening and scoops Tea into his arms. John assures a worried Blair that Dani is fine, but Starr and Hope were never on location. Todd and Tea hug and vow that they never gave up on each other. Todd relieves Tea when he tells her that Dani is safe. All parties wonder how they’re going to escape the rubble.

The building begins to crumble. John and Blair pull Tea through the opening as the ceiling begins to fall around Todd. Todd scurries through the hole in the nick of time as half of the warehouse collapses. Everyone is elated when rescue arrives in the form of Bo and his men.

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At the hospital, Langston runs into Blair and divulges her theory about Hannah to a worried Blair. Todd insists that Tea be medically cleared and they playfully argue, but Todd promises to take Tea home as soon as possible. Todd amuses Tea when he reveals that he “believe[s] in miracles now.”

Viki answers the door to Rex trick-or-treating with his trusty silver case. Rex and Gigi share a reunion before Rex explains to Viki that he found the heart pendant among Echo’s belongings. When he traveled to New Mexico to retrieve his half from his mother’s grave, he came up empty.

Charlie overhears and orders Viki to “drop the witch hunt”. Charlie and Viki find themselves at an impasse regarding Echo, and Charlie leaves for a meeting, promising that they’ll talk more later. Rex apologizes to an unconcerned Viki for causing trouble.

At the hospital, Clint stumbles upon Echo. Clint is suspicious, indicating that Echo is hiding something. Echo unveils the necklace and asks if Clint remembers the gift he gave her following a business trip to New Mexico. Clint plays dumb and tells Echo that he’s not interested in nostalgia as she nearly destroyed his life. Echo is mysterious, telling Clint that the necklace wasn’t the only thing she left behind.

As Bo exits the elevator with Tea, he spots Echo ambulance-chasing with her camera. Bo asks Clint if his eyes are deceiving him and Clint asks the same about Tea. One of Clint’s men steps off the elevator, and Clint excuses himself from a distracted Bo. Goon reveals that he got to New Mexico before Rex, and hands Clint the other half of the pendant.

Echo arrives at Llanfair at Viki’s behest, and Viki apologizes and compliments Echo on her photography. Viki ushers Echo into the sitting room. Echo eyes Rex suspiciously as Rex reveals his picture of the necklace, questioning Echo about it.

Natalie insists to Marty that she ran the fingerprint three times and the evidence points to Cole. Marty admits that Cole had been there, but maintains that she is Eli’s shooter. Nat further illustrates that Marty is clean of gunshot residue.

Marty appeals to Natalie, justifying her actions as a mother’s love and swearing that Natalie will soon understand. Marty reminds Natalie that people covered for Nat when she stabbed Mitch. (Well played.) Natalie is torn, but she’s unable to help, as the evidence is already in the system and she cannot tamper with evidence.

Natalie rushes into John’s arms. Natalie returns John’s badge as John asks Marty if she really killed Eli.