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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Caroline Is Driven By Revenge!


EJ: He starts to doubt if he will find out the truth.

Nicole: She dons her detective hat and goes through Arianna's belongings to find what she wanted to tell EJ.

Kate: Mrs. DiMera tells Chad to take heed on Stefano's ruthless demeanor.

Victor: The Greek tycoon's remarks break Vivian's heart.

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Bo: Brady is worried about his Fancy Face's well-being.

Caroline/Kayla/Stephane and The DNA Test Switch: Ma Brady is revealed to be the DNA test switching bandit. Apparently Caroline still has an axe to grind with Victor! The widowed Brady is upset about him marrying Vivian. Caroline also wants to prevent Chloe's baby from being raised a Kiriakis. Then there's her granddaughter. Caroline wants Stephanie to be happy and decided to step in to make it so.

Kayla informs her daughter what sweet Grandma Caroline did, stunning her. Caroline tells Stephanie she did it all to keep her happy. Steph is very grateful to her grandma. Kayla tells them both they need to make things right. Caroline and Stephanie decide to join forces to convince Kayla they must keep quiet. Before she can do anything, Kayla gets a call about Patch being sick. Caroline and Stephanie ask what she will do, but Kayla tells them she will let them make the right decision. Caroline feels guilty about what she's done, but decides to keep mum. Stephanie lies to her mom saying she will do the right thing.

Jane/Hope: The Warden decides she needs to place Hope in solitary.

Melanie: She must put her differences aside and help deliver Chloe's baby.

Daniel: The doctor goes to Philip for help.

Chad: He finds out Stefano is his father when he sees his birth certificate. Will tells Chad to keep his distance from Stefano just like his deceased mother warned him. Chad decides he wants to get to the bottom of things and seeks Stefano out.

Vivian: Madame loses hope she will ever get out and starts to have visions of Lawrence. Vivian thinks everything is starting to look up when Philip finds out she's trapped in the crypt, but he does nothing to help her. Vivian is hellbent on revenge and gets her shot when her manservant Gus comes to her aide. Later, Vivian is relaxing at her hotel room and calls Maggie to talk at Isabella's sarcophagus where she reveals what happened to her.

Vivian puts the entire blame squarely on Victor's shoulders. Maggie is disgusted by what she finds out. Sucks to be Maggie, Vivian decides to go back to plan A and puts her in the tomb!