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Louise Sorel Talks Wacky Vivian's Next Move on Days of Our Lives


You can't keep a good crackpot down. That seems to be the motto of Louise Sorel's Days of Our Lives alter ego Vivian Alamain. The legendary actress spoke withTV Guide's Michael Logan about what happens next  for Madame Alamain and her romantic rival Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers).

TV Guide Magazine: Won't Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) be pretty pissed at Vivian when she gets sprung? Can we look forward to a grande dame smackdown?

Sorel: [Laughs] Well, they're not exactly chums, but frankly, I never thought Maggie did enough for Vivian to go as far as she went. Maggie didn't really do anything. Vivian should have gone after her husband, Victor. He told Maggie he loved her. Maggie acted like a mature woman and said, "I'm not ready for this. You're a married man." She was very oatmeal-cookie about it, but Vivian didn't see it that way. Now she's not just pissed at Maggie, she's pissed at everyone.

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