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One Life to Live Recap: Tear You Apart

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John: If it was just me, that’s one thing; maybe we could make this go away. But Natalie’s involved ... and if it ever came out that she covered up a murder charge, she’d be the one going to jail, and I can’t allow that to happen. I’m sorry.

Marty is insisting to John that she murdered Eli, when uniforms enter the station with James and Hannah, who is under arrest. James announces that Starr and Hope are safe and explains that Hannah was responsible after, once again, capitalizing on Eli’s crimes.

Marty’s denial is shattered when confronted with Hannah’s delusions. Hannah believes that Marty will continue to support her, but Marty spits, “[there is] no therapy in the world that could fix you.” Natalie calls Hannah crazy and Hannah lunges at Nat, but is immediately subdued by John and the uniform. When John gathers Nat’s dropped papers, John sees the fingerprint test results and questions Marty’s guilt.

Natalie reluctantly explains that Cole’s prints are on the gun and Marty’s hands are free of gunshot residue. John informs Marty that eventually the truth would surface, and Natalie would be the one to suffer for withholding evidence. Natalie apologizes to Marty, swearing that she would have protected Cole if she could have. Marty responds by slapping Natalie and vowing to make her pay for destroying Marty’s family.

Cole, Starr, and Hope share an emotional reunion before Cole admits that his mistakes have been the source of most of their problems. Cole questions how Hannah kidnapped Starr and Hope, and Starr explains that when she called Cole, Hannah answered and she decided to use the situation to her advantage.

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Starr admits that James was their savior. Cole paints Starr a picture of Eli’s lies and the explosion he detonated, and Cole admits to murdering Eli. Starr freaks, knowing that Cole’s record will bury him. James arrives and tells Cole that Marty confessed. Cole decides that he needs to make things right. John arrives to apprehend Cole, but only James is in the apartment.

Blair is pissed that Langston and the Ford brothers took matters into their own hands instead of calling the police. Blair frets until James finally calls Langston, telling her that everyone is safe and Hannah is in custody. Langston reveals to Blair and Kelly that Hannah’s intention was murder, and Blair immediately blames Marty for allowing Hannah to go unsupervised when she was clearly mentally unstable.

Kelly plays devil’s advocate, but Dorian arrives and orders the girls to stop arguing. Though Dorian is no fan of Marty’s and believes that Marty should lose her medical license, she concedes that the Cramers owe Marty a debt of gratitude for killing Eli. Blair melts when Starr and Hope arrive, and she gathers them in her arms. The Cramer women share a group hug.

Dorian runs into Clint at the hospital and asks about the heart pendant, minimizing it as a cheap gift. Clint explains the meaning of ‘sentimental value’. Dorian needles Clint about Echo, while Clint taunts Dorian about David. Clints laughs, knowing it’s a lie, when Dorian says that David called recently but she refused to speak with him. Dorian warns Clint against Echo, pointing out that Viki can be dangerous when desperate and Viki has her sights set on Echo. Clint isn’t concerned, and Dorian tries to get a read on Clint’s confidence levels.

Back at the mansion, Nigel (yes, I said Nigel!) pours Clint a drink and questions him about the necklace, noting that a piece is missing. Nigel apologizes for interfering, but Clint assures Nigel that he is a member of the family. Nigel passes along information from Roxy that Echo is dwelling at the Angel Square Hotel. Nigel retires for the evening as Clint smirks and pulls a book from the shelf: “The Love Letters of Rick and Lili.”

Echo claims to have never seen the pendant, but Rex and Viki explain that Rex snapped the photo in Echo’s room. Echo accuses Rex of thievery, but Rex responds in kind, revealing that the necklace is one-of-a-kind and only his father could have Echo’s half of the neckace.

Rex explains the entire Rick and Lili saga to Echo, who pledges ignorance toward Rick. Viki accuses the “tramp” Echo of lying. Echo thinks Viki is paranoid, but is amused that Queen Victoria has changed so much, now stooping to the levels of name-calling. Viki and Echo step into each other’s personal spaces and throw down the gauntlet.

Once Echo leaves, Viki vows to break Echo, but she’s disconcerted, revealing to Rex that Rick and Lili’s letters seem awfully familiar to her. Back at the ASH, Echo googles Rex, sighing like a proud new mother while she gazes upon photo after photo.