The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Doesn't Believe Brooke!

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 Doc feels her number one supporter has been disloyal.

Thomas/Brooke/Ridge: Thomas's' showstopper has a ripple effect with their family members. Ridge doesn't buy Brooke's claims that she wasn't in on his son's plans.

Stephanie: La Forrester pays heed to Brooke's vow to stop being in public scandals. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she is in one more bit of trouble, Brooke is out! Later, Stephanie puts her energy into helping Dayzee overcome her situation.

Hope: She tells Oliver that she still thinks about the kiss they shared, but admits that she wants Liam. Hope wants to be just friends with Oliver.

 He spots Madison and Thomas in a weird situation.

Amber: Ms. Moore says sorry to Oliver for appropriating Forrester Creations' designs.

Nick: He makes a decision on whether or not Amber stays at Jackie M.