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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin freaks out when she finds Emma missing and everyone runs outside, only to have Abby return with the carriage. Abby says she saw Robin push the carriage around the corner and leave, but when pressed admits that it was a woman in a witch’s costume.

Brenda runs out of the building. Dante comes to and chases after her. Spinelli comes home, finds the mess they left behind, and calls Jason to let him know that Brenda and Dante are gone. When he checks the video footage, he knows that both of them went in Jason’s direction and admits to Jason that he told Brenda where the warehouse was.

Brenda is grabbed by the Balkan’s man, Dante gets her loose and fights the goon. Brenda sees the dropped gun on the ground and everything looks a lot like the last time, so she shoots the goon, saving Dante’s life. JaSam and Lucky come running, Jason takes the gun from Brenda and calms her down. Dante says he needs to call it in, but Lucky’s worried about his cover being blown. Dante tells Lucky and Sam to leave and he will say that Jason found Brenda with the gun, after shooting the man in self-defense. Brenda wonders why Dante is doing this, since they agreed to keep things a secret. Jason wonders what she’s talking about.

At the hospital, Epiphany is questioning why Patrick isn’t spending Halloween with his wife and daughter rather than moping around the hospital. Liz, Nik and the boys show up in costume. No one notices when Lisa runs in, putting on her lab jacket. Robin arrives and tells Patrick the story. Patrick has a hard time believing it and Robin is pissed that she got cheated on, is now being attacked by Lisa and Patrick refuses to do anything about it.

Patrick confronts Lisa, who denies everything but having fallen back in love with him and having the one night stand. She again states that Robin is the one with the problem, who needs hel,p and the more she talks, the more Patrick starts to believe her and claims he must have overreacted.

Carly and Jax come home from trick or treating with an adorable Josslyn. With Morgan, they reminisce about previous Halloweens. Carly asks Jax to go out and get her some candy. While he’s gone, she sends Morgan over to a friend’s house for the night, and gets herself sexed up and ready for Jax to come home.

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Siobhan is grabbed by the Balkan’s man who asks her about Ronan. She denies any knowledge and says she’s in the States as Nikolas’ nanny and throws her weight around, but the guy’s not worried.

Ethan asks Johnny to lie about Sonny being responsible for the car bomb, as a favor to him and to make things okay for Kristina. Johnny wonders why Kristina is so important to him. Ethan feels badly for what happened to Kristina and wants to make things easier for her.

Michael and Abby talk about each other. She feels he’s a sweet kid, which sets him off to tell her he’s not and that he can be violent. She admits that she likes spending time with him and when she leaves, he asks if they can get together again. She says she’ll be around.

Lulu pops by the penthouse as Spinelli’s looking for clues about Brenda and is not happy with the way Spin’s talking about Dante and his inability to guard Brenda. She says she’s starting to understand what Maxie meant when she said Spin was obsessed with Brenda and she storms out.

Lucky comes by Windemere, lets Nikolas know what happened at the warehouse and asks about Siobhan. Nikolas tells him that she’s gone. Lucky questions the maid and tells Nikolas that something’s wrong, that Siobhan must have been taken.

Sam gets back to the penthouse, explains what happened and gets very angry that Spinelli is worried about the divine one, when Brenda ruined everything, messed up Lucky’s cover and blew any chance they had of catching the Balkan.

Jax shows up at the penthouse, looking for Brenda, and Sam explains what happened, worried about the bond that Jason and Brenda clearly share.

At the PCPD, Brenda is still confused about giving a statement, since she thought she was supposed to keep the secret. Agent Bates shows up to tear a strip off of Dante. Jason calls Diane to come down and asks Brenda what happened. She asks him which time he’s asking about.