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All My Children Spoilers: What is Caleb Hiding From Asher?

Here’s the Scoop!

I know I’ve been down on All My Children lately. Calling it a snooze-fest, even enlisting Jillian and her sound effects on a recent podcast to show just how bored I’ve been lately. So how about we dish on some scoop along with what I like about All My Kids and a little of what puts me to sleep mixed in.


Asher… While I agree there are plenty of characters in the history books to bring back, I do like Asher. If anything, he makes me want to like Caleb and he gives a decent reason for Caleb to be around. A good father – son battle is classic soap and classic soap goodness is what I am all about. How will Asher react when Colby tells him Caleb knows the truth? Caleb believes Asher was out to hurt him, well duh, aren’t you a smart one Caleb. JR uses his close ties with Asher as a way to get under Caleb’s skin. What will a long, lost father do when his son tells him his goal is to make dear old dad's life hell? Despite Asher telling Colby he knows JR was using him, he still calls his boss out. Will Colby tell Damon about locking lips with Asher? Caleb is not a proud papa when Asher takes his anger to the boob tube.

More on new-found father and son... Asher may be calling JR out for using him,but he tells Caleb he rather be used than ignored. Erica wants Caleb to hold on to hope that things with Asher will turn around. He'll tell Colby he's still angry despite unleashing on Caleb.

I'm torn and I like it!  I like the character of Damon, but I am sort of leaning towards Asher and Colby. Anyone with me? Colby tells Asher things cannot happen between them again. What will she do when she see the hottie half naked?

The brief Jake and Amanda scene the other day made me realize how much I miss seeing these two and how woefully under-used they are. That’s all about to change when Jake’s ex pops back up and invites Jake back to Africa and Doctors Without Borders. Of course, another classic soap aspect, a happy couple needs angst. Jake tells Amanda he turned the offer down, but only confides in Tad that the offer came from Carolyn. Another thing I like right now, Lindsay Hartley’s addition to AMC. Can’t wait to see her with RPL!

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The Hubbard’s… How can you not like Jesse and Angie? I’m not so sure I love the loss of sight storyline, but the pregnancy and these two connecting on a new level has been refreshing. Angie’s amnio shows all is well and Jesse sees what color he should paint the nursery, by accident of course. What is in that doctor’s file that has the police chief so perplexed?

What I love… JR and Annie. Loved MCE explaining away AJ’s “kidnapping.” Kudos! JR confides in Annie that he never wants his relationship with AJ to be like Asher and Caleb's. Now, why make that statement? You've known AJ his whole life, you didn't just meet him at the age of 20.

Now on to what I’m not such a fan of and why I tend to fall asleep during AMC… Ryan and Greenlee. Are any of you all that shocked? Soap trials are usually exciting, to some degree and this has been downright boring. Oh big surprise, Ryan admitted he loved Greenlee, as if we haven’t been fed that crap enough already. Greens takes the stand in her own defense, with Liza bringing up the smooch she and Ryan shared outside the courtroom. Liza brings Greenlee to tears, who admits to never really loving David, but swears she did not kill him either.

Tad is on their side… He uncovers a connection between Nick Pearson and David by tracing money in Pearson’s bank account back to the dead doc. Ryan, the great detective that he is, realizes that David set him up. Needing to find evidence against Pearson, Ryan sets out in search of him and lets Greenlee tag along. On one of their adventures, passion ignites between Ryan and Greenlee. The pair swap spit and we all shudder.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Liza has a warning for Jack that Greenlee better be in court for the reading of the verdict. Erica has an offer for Greens and Ryan, her plane! Madison moves on fast and goes out on a date. Zach and Kendall tell Jesse they don’t know where Ryan and Greenlee are. Caleb is hiding information from his son. Colby wants JR to stop using Asher. Zach comes to Ryan and Greenlee’s aide to get them to where Nick Pearson is, an island. Jackson and Krystal? I've said I like them in the past. Caleb tells Marissa to get a new lawyer for her custody case. Amanda meets the new doctor in town, Griffin. The jury has a verdict! Tad brings Opal to the hospital with chest pains. Also making a trip for a check-up, Liza. Thanksgiving invites are going out with JR and Annie make Kendall's dinner list. Tragedy strikes Pine Valley, it is sweeps season.

What else bores me to tears? Marissa, can’t stand her. Again, I must mention Caleb, Asher may be his only redeeming quality. I’m on the fence about Zendall. Some of their scenes are just ok, but I’m not so sure I have any interest in them anymore. Zendall is busy helping Rylee, despite Zach not liking Kendall messing with these two. Some things just don't change though. Liza, I just don't see where she fits in anymore. Giving her the DA job for the purpose of this trial is one thing, but she ain't Nora Buchanon. Brot and Natalia are also on my " Do Not Like" list. Their chemistry is non-existent and I honestly have zero use for them on my screen. There is some scoop on these two if anyone is interested. Jesse finally gets a clue, forcing them to admit that they've been out a couple of times. They tell Jesse not to worry,but he is, since he'd have to transfer one of them out of PVPD. Can he transfer both?