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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason promises to stay with Brenda at the PCPD, and Brenda admits she doesn’t remember what happened tonight. Diane arrives and Jason wants her to get Brenda released. Diane wants information on what happened, but Brenda refuses to answer questions.

Bates questions Dante about what happened; why Brenda was in the alley, how he came upon her, why Brenda shot the goon and why the Balkan’s after her in the first place. Dante isn’t very forthcoming with answers. Bates asks Jason to leave, or he’ll have him arrested. Brenda, again, refuses to talk and Diane does her best to protect Brenda.

Diane tells Bates that no one has an obligation to Interpol and that Brenda acted in the interest of Dante’s safety. Jason tells Dante that Brenda was about to tell him the truth and wonders what Brenda knows, but Dante does not tell the truth. Claire arrives and wants a statement from Brenda. Sonny sneaks into the room and he and Brenda hug. Brenda blames herself and Sonny promises to help her. Bates throws Sonny out. Bates allows Brenda to leave without giving a statement, but questions again why the Balkan is after her.

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Sam asks Spinelli to hack into the PCPD to find out what’s happening. She claims something is wrong with Brenda, but Spinelli defends the divine one and asks Sam to muster sympathy for her. Sam’s concerned about Brenda’s connection to Jason.

Ronnie asks Claire about the recording and if she’ll be burying it or using it. Claire makes a call, supposedly to her superiors, to tell them she has evidence against Sonny.

Patrick goes off on Lisa about stalking Robin and Emma, and the nerve sher has to endanger his daughter. Lisa continues to deny everything, saying Robin has been wrong about other things. Patrick spots the witch’s hat and accuses Lisa, but a nurse arrives and claims the hat for herself. Patrick claims he overreacted and leaves. Lisa opens her locker, where the witch’s costume is hanging.

Patrick talks to Matt and begins to question Robin’s story. He’s upset that he wasn’t there for Halloween and won’t be there for Emma’s birthday party. Matt tells him to focus on the truth and to keep showing up, because Robin still loves him. Patrick also talks to Steven and, again, seems to be believing Lisa’s story and admits that Robin continues to push him away. Steven wonders why Robin isn’t doing more to keep her family together.

Nikolas tells Lucky the entire staff is searching for Siobhan. Bates calls Lucky down to the PCPD. Bates questions Dante again, but he denies knowing why the Balkan is after Brenda. Lucky arrives and Bates tells him the assignment is done, that he failed. Lucky says he needs Interpol’s help in finding Siobhan, but Bates leaves him hanging. Dante shows Lucky an email he just received, outing Lucky as a cop, with a picture of a captured Siobhan.

Jax comes home to Carly’s treat on the couch. He admits that he went to the penthouse to see Brenda and tells her what happened. Carly’s concerned about Jason and wonders why Jax didn’t go down to the PCPD. After leaving Jax in bed, Carly calls Spinelli to come over so she can get info from him. He tells her Brenda was babbling at the scene about secrets with Dante. Carly wonders if there’s a connection between Brenda and Dante.

Jason and Brenda come home. She gives him a half-hearted thank you before going to bed. Jason joins Sam in bed. Brenda wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Jason comes running and they hug, as Sam watches from the door.