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One Life to Live Recap: I Fought The Law (and The Law Won)

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Roxy: Well, I just know that they’re Indians who wrote these, um, you know, these letters.

Roxy appears unannounced and questions Echo’s search on Rex. Echo reveals that she’s investigating Rex because he’s doing the same with her, at Viki’s request. Roxy asks about her photo shoot, and Echo suggests an immediate session.

Echo needs Roxy sober and suggests relaxing conversation, blithely proposing Roxy’s children as a topic. As Roxy hilariously poses, she reveals Rex’s entire history in Llanview, including Shane, Rex’s liaisons, and his gold-digging con man tendencies. Roxy vows that she will always love Rex as her own.

During a break, Echo calls Clint and orders an urgent morning meeting, hanging up before he can protest.

Viki visits Clint, inquiring about Clint’s investigation on Echo. Viki alludes to Echo knowing Rex’s father, and insists she’s being preemptive rather than paranoid. Clint doesn’t have new information, and suggests that Viki relinquish the search.

Viki admits her overreaction is causing problems for her and Charlie, but she’s certain Echo is intent on causing trouble. Clint concedes that Charlie is “a good man,” but wonders if Echo isn’t already succeeding. Clint apologizes for the pain he caused Viki, but reminds her that they were stronger than Echo and survived long beyond her interference.

Before Viki leaves, she tells Clint that the letters of Rex’s parents seem familiar. Back at home, Viki has an epiphany and dubiously removes “The Love Letters of Rick and Lili” from the shelf.

At Llanfair, Gigi inquires about Rex’s confrontation with Echo. Rex found Echo’s reaction to the necklace surprising, but he didn’t glean anything new. Looking again at Echo’s speeding ticket, Rex realizes that Echo was in Llanview when Rex was born and wonders if she’s connected to his mother. Rex second-guesses himself, remembering that Otto, Lili’s brother, knew nothing of Echo.

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Cristian arrives and announces that he was chosen to present at a conference in Paris, and asks Gigi to accompany him. Gigi worries about leaving Shane, work at Rodi’s, and her lack of a passport, but Rex and Cristian assure her that all bases can and will be covered.

Cristian emotionally blackmails Gigi into going, telling her his trip hinges on her. Gigi agrees. They leave the following day, Cristian says. Gigi bemoans being separated from Rex, but Rex wants her to go.

Starr and Dani share a joyous reunion in the hospital corridor. In the room, Tea weeps for the time she lost with Todd. Starr reunites with her father and step-mother, both of whom are thankful that she and Hope are well. Tea tells Starr that Greg faked Tea’s tumor. Dani names Todd a hero for his family.

Todd apparently knows Cole is responsible for Eli’s death thanks to one of his reporters, and for once, Todd approves of Cole’s actions. Starr inquires about Cole’s chances. Todd suggests Tea as representation, but Tea admits to not being ready for work. Tea does, however, tell Starr to urge Cole not to do anything stupid.

They relish being together, but in an effort to not break the rules, patiently await Tea’s formal release. Before leaving, Starr returns Dani’s family portrait. The picture belongs to Tea, and everyone realizes that Tea’s room at Cherryvale was a hotbed for action. Dani kicks herself for not arriving sooner, but Starr and Tea assure her that everything worked out. Todd, Tea, and Dani exit Tea’s room and encounter a handcuffed Greg in the hallway.

Following the slap, Natalie insists that she wants to help Cole and would do so, but she can’t break the rules. Marty accuses Natalie of ruining Marty’s life and taking everything Marty loves, but Natalie reminds Marty that “this isn’t about us.” Marty grabs Natalie’s arm, looks at Nat’s belly, and wishes Natalie heartbreak in the future.

John discovers James at Cole’s apartment, who came to check on Starr. John suggests that James knows more that he’s revealing. A uniform informs John of Cole having been there as his most recent attire lay on the floor. John warns James, suggesting he amend his story.

At the station, John puts out an A.P.B. and insists that Cole be brought in unharmed. John sends Marty home and pledges to call when Cole is found, but Marty hopes that Cole is already in the wind. Marty accuses John of no longer caring about Cole.

Natalie is shaken, but insists that Marty is just trying to cope. Marty blames Natalie for Cole’s predicament, but John assures Nat that she’s just doing her job.

John returns to a defiant James, there for more questioning, and reveals that Starr will be charged with ‘aiding and abetting’ should Cole contact her. Natalie and the baby bid John adieu. Natalie is grateful that John is alive, and John agrees.

James finally relents, divulging knowledge on Cole’s whereabouts. Cole waits at the Minuteman Motel, and is relieved when Starr arrives.