Charles Shaughnessy's Elliot is One Step Closer to Finding Out Who Raped His Daughter on The Bay


Keith (Real Andrews) is still trying to run game on Marley's (Martha Madison) nanny, Colleen (Daphne Bloomer) in the latest installment of The Bay. Will he make good on his promise to help her reconnect with her biological daughter Vivian (Tanisha Lynn), or is he just trying to get in her drawers?


Meanwhile, Elliot (Charles Shaughnessy) is trying to help his daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) remember more about what happened the night she was raped. And of course we can't forget Brian (Dylan Bruce) and Zoey's (Taylor Stanley) potentially explosive engagement party! Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs mad bomber Igor (Camden Toy) is holding fast to his claims that he and Brian were getting busy on the low-low. Is the seemingly-scorned whackadoodle really crazy enough to blow Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) her family, friends and frenemies to kingdom come? Watch below to find out.