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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason apologizes to Sam for spending the night comforting Brenda. Spinelli comes home and Jason reprimands him for giving Brenda the information that messed everything up. Jason suggests that Spinelli stay at a hotel until Brenda goes back to Rome, because she’s too impulsive and he’s too eager to help her. Sam convinces him otherwise, and he allows Spinelli to stay but doesn’t want Spinelli to divulge any information to anyone again.

Dante comes home and fills Lulu in on everything that happened at the warehouse. He also lets her know that Brenda knocked him out and Lulu’s concerned that he might have a concussion. Carly pops by and is filled in, but questions when Dante and Brenda got so close.

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Claire spends the night with Sonny and questions why Sonny went to the PCPD. Sonny insists that Brenda is a friend and he only wanted to help her. Diane arrives, saying she’s gotten notice that Sonny needs to appear at the PCPD, because Claire submitted evidence against him. Claire says she had to bring the evidence to her superiors, but it was up to them to pursue it. When she leaves the room, Diane reminds Sonny of what comforting Brenda will likely cost him.

Patrick tells Steven that he’s not going to Emma’s party, because he wants to give Robin her space. He asks Matt to go in his place. As they’re preparing Emma’s birthday party, Robin lets Maxie in on what happened at Kelly’s. Robin’s worried that Patrick is beginning to doubt her. Liz and the boys arrive, as does Matt, who tells Robin that Patrick isn’t coming. Maxie, Cam and Jake are playing with candles and when Liz leaves, Cam looks back longingly at the candle.

Ethan pops by Luke’s room with an alcoholic smoothie, only to be caught by Maya and Tracy. Maya says Luke’s ready to be discharged and needs home care. Maya suggests a rehab facility, but Luke says he can either stay at the Star or at Lucky’s. Tracy insists that he move into the Q mansion, but Luke plays hard to get, which confuses Maya, until Ethan explains that Luke wants Tracy to think this was her idea. Luke accepts the offer to stay at the mansion, but proposes marriage again. Tracy deflects him again.

Claire joins Diane and Sonny in the interrogation room and plays the tape for Sonny. Dante shows up, surprised to find Sonny there. Sonny tells him Ronnie found it, but Dante doesn’t believe it. Dante confronts Ronnie, who plays the tape for him. Claire returns and insists to Sonny that she never lied to him, that she couldn’t bury the evidence. He wonders if she decided that before or after she saw him with Brenda.

Jason and Sam go over the events of the night, and both wonder if Brenda’s odd behaviour with Dante means something. Carly comes to Spinelli, asking for information, but he tells her Jason ordered him not to say anything. She manages to convince him that the information will help Jason. Jason arrives, and Carly asks him what he would think about a connection between Dante and Brenda.

Patrick decides he will go to the birthday party and has a gift ready for Emma, but gets called into emergency surgery, leaving the gift at the nurse’s station. Robin and Emma head upstairs, unaware that the candle has fallen over into the wrapping paper.