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General Hospital Spoilers: A Witness Confirms Brenda and Dante Had a Relationship!

Here's the Scoop!

Brenda FINALLY visits with the Q's! About damn time, Guza! Sonny’s ladies show up in support. Sonny wants to know why Claire must put her career first. Will Claire have the evidence thrown out? Dante confronts his father about almost killing Kristina.


ABA... Another Balkan Ambush is planned. Is Brenda the bait? Jason and Dante agree to a swap. Brenda for Siobhan, but Dante's trigger finger may ruin the whole thing. Apparently, Detective Falconari shoots before Jason gives the OK and we all ask why the cop is listening to the criminal. Jason and Dante manage to take out all the Balkan's goons despite being outnumbered. Lucky frees Siobhan, whom he later finds packing up, ready to return to Ireland.

Caught in the fire... Robin is saved by Lisa, whom she later accuses of arson. This should only make Robin look crazier, since Lisa had absolutely nothing to do with the fire. Suffering from burns, Robin winds up with a serious infection, compromised by her HIV status.

The Scorpio house burns down... Matt comforts Maxie over her childhood home burning down, the one she shared with her sister.

Lisa is cleared of any wrong doing... Robin can't believe it, but Lisa is in the clear. Having a nightmare, Robin wakes up to real-life horror, Lisa standing over her with a needle. Believing Lisa is there to do her harm, Robin is proven wrong again when Steve tells her the syringe is arthritis medication for the patient in the room next door. Will Lisa go to the board to have Robin fired? Would they really can the darling of Port Charles and will Nikolas let his friend get the axe?

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Lisa is injecting drugs into Robin! Look for Lisa to mess with Robin's I.V. Before that, Lisa fakes ”reconciliation" by inviting Patrick to Jake's. Patrick asks Lisa to take it easy on Robin. In CRAZY news, is Johnny protecting Lisa?

What about Brenda and Dante? We have a secret to discuss. Lulu’s on the hunt to find out what’s really going on and Brenda is confiding in Jason, who swears to keep the secret, even from Sonny. Too bad for Brenda, what I heard is happening, and the worst possible person to find out, is. Brenda and Dante had more than just a dead body cover-up; they had relationship of the silky-sheet kind. The way I hear it, after the trauma of killing the man in the alley – who is supposedly the Balkan’s flesh and blood – Brenda and Dante take it to it to the bedroom. Nothing says love in the afternoon like a dead body and a cover-up.

Can I get a witness… Carly does! A witness who confirms that Brenda and Dante were much more than bodyguard and guarded. Can Carly really sit on this info? Jason tells Carly she better ease up on Brenda.

No surprise, Claire gets the evidence against Sonny to go away. This leads to an internal affairs investigation and Claire’s job is on the line. Sonny breaks things off, thinking it’s what’s best for Claire.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Alice is tickled to have Luke home. Why are Sam and Jason in need of a heart-to-heart? Carly offers up advice to Lulu and Luke doesn’t like it. More flashbacks to come. Why is Steve mentioning his dad? An old fan can dream, can’t she? Dante tells Michael he lied to Lulu about Brenda. Jason believes Brenda may always be in danger. Lucky and Siobhan get horizontal. Nikolas attempts to mend things with his brother. Maxie is not impressed with Jake’s newest employee. Who got married in Vegas?