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One Life to Live Recap: Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Téa: This jar full of lies! Lies! That I was sick! That I was dying!

Todd, Tea, and Dani encounter Greg in the hospital. Todd doesn’t want to hear Greg’s apologies. Tea asks Greg to make her understand how he could hurt her family and betray his oath. Greg lacked courage against Eli, but an unaffected Todd threatens to rip out his heart. Shaun and Vivian arrive, and Shaun gives Tea a bear hug and assures her that he was ignorant of Greg’s machinations. Todd takes Tea and Dani home.

At home, Todd mocks Tea and Dani’s tears. Tea snuggles into Todd on the couch, but is distracted by the urn. Todd tries to throw it away, but Tea insists otherwise.

Tea has a meltdown, tossing the urn to the ground and beating it with a fire poker, and berates herself for believing the lies. Todd vows that they’re in for as smooth of sailing as life with Todd can be. Todd reveals that he would have given up if not for his children. Tea laughs when Todd tells her to vacuum.

Dani opens the door to Destiny, who is thrilled that Dani is safe. Destiny is ashamed of Greg, and she understands if Dani hates her. Dani reassures Destiny and pledges that she will always be Dani’s best friend. Destiny encourages Dani to be with her family.

Dani enters the living room and questions the cleaning, while Todd jokes that it’s a fresh start. The family cuddles on the couch.

Shaun wants the truth about Charlene. Greg explains that Charlene wanted to keep the baby while Greg could not, and an argument ensued. On her way out, Charlene tripped when her heel caught the carpet, and she fell and fatally hit her head. Instead of calling the police, Greg disposed of her body.

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Shaun is horrified by the oblivion to which Greg doomed Charlene’s parents. Vivian believes Greg was weak and frightened. Shaun realizes that Destiny is just like Charlene. Vivian comforts Shaun, insisting that he grieve.

Richard and Phylicia talk with Bo and Nora and apologize for Greg’s inexcusable actions. They insist that Greg isn’t entirely bad, but while Nora is sympathetic, she can’t give them false hope. Greg will lose his medical license and be sentenced to prison. Phylicia pleads that Greg was blackmailed and made a mistake. Bo and Nora aren’t optimistic that a judge, or Todd, will consider the mitigating circumstances.

Phylicia confides in Nora that Destiny isn’t speaking to her parents. Nora reassures Phylicia that she is Destiny’s mom and loves her as such. Nora extends a comforting hug. Richard is understanding that Greg must atone, and thanks Bo for his consideration.

Richard and Phylicia watch sadly as Greg is paraded through the squadroom. Outside Manning Central, Destiny listens to a pleading voicemail from Phylicia, but after witnessing a happy Todd and Tea through the window, she deletes the message.

James wants immunity for Starr, and reveals to John that Cole is at an unnamed motel. John scoffs. James claims that Cole is at the Pine Cone Motel in Pine Valley. John promises to arrest James for obstruction of justice. John impresses upon James that Cole is up for murder. Does James want Starr in the middle? John orders James to get out.

Bo inquires about John’s search, but John’s not entirely invested in solving the case. Bo orders John to go home and be with Natalie.

Natalie encounters Brody in Llanfair’s foyer as he’s getting a glass of milk for Jessica. Natalie tells Brody she’s convinced that Marty will never forgive her and will seek revenge. Brody thinks that Marty is just scared, but Natalie entertains burying the report. Brody suggests that Natalie remove Marty’s power instead by doing a paternity test. Natalie worries about the outcome, but Brody counters that Nat and John can’t be happy with doubts nagging them. Brody offers up a copy of his DNA profile.

John arrives as Brody says goodnight. John asks if Natalie’s too tired to come home with him. While Nat’s always tired, she’s never too tired to spend the night with John.

At the Minuteman, Starr insists to Cole that James is on their side. Cole blames himself for creating their troubles. Cole is resigned to his fate, but Starr wants him to focus on Hope. Cole hates that he put his family at risk, and that James saved them. Cole’s fixation on James angers Starr. Cole knows that James is in love with Starr, but Starr is in love with Cole and James brought her home to him.

James warns them that John is wise to James. Cole thanks James for saving his family and helping them now. James leaves and Cole encourages Starr to go home to Hope.