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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin’s putting Emma to bed, talking about fairy tales of how the princess married her prince, only to have him cheat with the wicked witch. Robin doesn’t realize the house is on fire, until she comes out of Emma’s room, at which point she falls down the stairs.

Carly wonders if Brenda and Dante have been lying to everyone. Jason says he has bigger problems to worry about. Carly wonders who he would save if she and Brenda were in trouble and assumes it’s her. After she’s gone, Spinelli finds the information that Dante was one of four guards watching Brenda.

Luke comes home to the Q mansion. Edward's not happy that the free loader is back. Luke is milking it for all it’s worth, but Tracy denies him junk food and alcohol. Monica kicks everyone out and gives Luke an ultimatum, get Tracy to marry him within the month or she’ll spill the beans. Luke lets Maya and Ethan know that he needs to speed things up.

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Sonny’s mad at Claire. He figures he underestimated her and got played. Claire says she had no choice but to turn over the evidence and wonders what he would have wanted her to do with it – hide it? destroy it? He says she should have warned him. He realizes why things were different with them the night before, that she was saying goodbye. She says she’ll never cover for him, and is unsure what happens now, but actually wonders if there will be something between them on the other side.

Dante seems sad to hear that evidence has finally caught up with Sonny. Ronnie seems happy that Sonny will finally pay for his crimes. Dante realizes Sonny’s luck has run out. Dante speaks to Sonny, who asks him to talk to Kristina and let her know that he only wanted her to be safe.

Brenda pays Edward a visit and the two small talk about Jason and Lila. Brenda gets back to the penthouse and apologizes to Spinelli. Jason asks her about the other guy that she shot. Before she has time to tell him anything, Dante arrives. She apologizes to him as well. Dante tells them about Sonny’s problem and Brenda heads over to the PCPD. Jason questions Dante about what happened 3 years ago, but before Dante can answer, he gets a call that the Balkan wants to trade Siobhan for Brenda.

Carly heads over to the PCPD to talk to Dante, but finds Sonny instead, and is surprised to hear why he’s there. She assumes Dante gave him up, but he tells her it was Claire and is upset that she didn’t warn him. Sonny asks Carly to talk to the boys and make them understand. She tells him she’ll help him any way she can.

Brenda stops by to see Sonny and also offers to help him any way she can. Ah, all these women wanting to help the misogynistic killer.

Patrick and Steven make small talk about how they became doctors, as they do an operation together. Lisa comments to Liz about Patrick not being at Emma’s birthday party and Liz tears a strip off of Lisa in defense of Robin. Liz promises Lisa that karma is a bitch that will catch up with her.

Lisa heads over to Mac’s house, and realizes the house is on fire. She gets Emma out and goes back in for Robin, who comes to and realizes Lisa’s there.