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One Life to Live Recap: Afternoon Delight

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Cole: Starr, I’m sorry, but I murdered a man. No matter who he is, I have to pay for it. I love you too much not to do this.

Cole can’t let Starr sacrifice everything, and believes he must take responsibility for killing a man in cold blood. Cole questions the kind of life they could have, always afraid and looking over their shoulders. There’s a knock on the door, and Starr flips out. It’s only a housekeeper. Cole reminds Starr that the terror she just felt will be their entire life.

They make love with the blinds open, and afterward, they fantasize about an idyllic life on the run. Starr takes a shower as James calls Cole to warn him about the police and give him a head-start. Starr gets out of the shower and Cole is gone. She finds a goodbye letter, professing his love for her and Hope and his need to take responsibility. Starr breaks down as Cole enters the police station to turn himself in.

James visits Ford in the hospital, and explains that he saved Starr and is covering for Cole, but he expects nothing in return because he doesn’t assume, like his brother, that feelings are automatically reciprocated. Ford yells at James for aiding a fugitive.

Inez is proud that James is a hero, but Bo bursts her bubble when he explains that James lied to John about Cole and will soon face charges. Inez pledges to encourage James to tell the truth.

Diverting the conversation, James likens Ford’s beating to the abuse perpetrated by their father, but Ford insists that it’s different. Ford decides to confide in James, but they are interrupted by Inez. Inez insists that James go to the police and tell the truth, warning him to not end up like his father. Inez offers to help Ford, and Ford says he owes Inez for setting James straight. Inez worries about Ford’s beating, but Ford asks her to leave it alone.

Brody is on bed rest with Jessica when Jessica tells Brody that the paternity test is a go. Brody vows love and marriage no matter the result. They are interrupted when Brody’s phone rings. It’s Natalie, calling to say she’s having the paternity test. Later, at the hospital, Jessica coos that she has a good feeling about the test, when Ford steps into the hallway and ruins the moment.

When John is denied a kick from Hondo Jr., John kisses Natalie’s belly and gets out of bed to shower. John returns and overhears Natalie mention a paternity test. Natalie explains that the test is for Jessica, and deems Jessica’s night with Ford a horrible mistake.

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Natalie asks John how he would respond in the same situation, and Nat is deflated when John says that he couldn’t raise another man’s child. John senses Natalie’s tension, but she shrugs it off. Hondo Jr. kicks finally kicks, and John is elated.

Natalie runs into Viki in the hallway and drops Brody’s D.N.A profile. Natalie lies, saying it’s for work, and rushes off. Viki shakes her head at Natalie’s agitation. At the station, James seeks out John. John is arresting James when Cole arrives.

Tea can’t believe that she’s not dreaming. Todd teases Tea about snoring, but Tea is thankful for a restful night’s sleep and feels like herself again. Tea realizes that Todd married her in the eleventh hour and she gives him an out. Todd assures Tea that he wants their marriage, and suggests “a dirty idea” as a distraction. They make love, and afterward, Todd says he’s happy and wants to throw a “Back from the Dead” party.

Nate tells Dani that he and everyone at school missed her. Dani is thankful for James, and points out that James is crazy about Starr. Nate insists that “you Manning daughters are irresistible.” Dani tells Nate that her parents are upstairs behind a homemade Do Not Disturb sign. Dani is grossed out, and Nate is relieved that he never had to deal with his parents having sex, because he never knew his father.

Dani and Nate are kissing when Todd and Tea enter. Todd is being disturbingly chipper, and Todd invites Nate to their party. Todd wants to speak to Dani alone. Todd guilts Dani into doing something mysterious for Tea.

Clint is at the police station when Echo calls, but Clint hangs up. Rex accuses Clint of spying on Bo. Clint orders Rex to stay out of his business, but Rex wonders if Clint is replacing Kim with Inez. Clint threatens Gigi’s education, but Rex threatens to tell Bo the truth about David.

Clint offers to take Inez to lunch, but she declines, explaining that she has family business. Rex blows past Clint, saying, “Looks like she blew you off, old man.” Echo calls again and vows to hound Clint until he comes to her.

Rex wants to talk to Bo, explaining that he’s nagged by questions about his father. Bo thought Rex’s search was over, but Rex isn’t so sure.

Viki barges in on Echo, accusing Echo of copying the letters to hurt Rex. Echo says Viki’s accusations are baseless and orders Viki out of her room. Viki agrees to leave, but she promises to punish Echo should Echo upset Rex. Echo understands that Viki distrusts her for valid reasons, but Echo asserts that she would never hurt Rex.

Clint arrives soon after and demands to know why he was summoned. It’s about Echo’s son.