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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky wants to trade Brenda for Siobhan and grab the Balkan in the process. Jason’s worried about Brenda’s fragile state of mind after the shooting and is trying to find a better way. Dante agrees with Jason that Brenda’s too messed up for a plan like this. Lucky thinks Jason’s willing to sacrifice Siobhan because she has no history with Sonny and declares the Balkan will kill Siobhan. Dante realizes Lucky’s losing it, so he takes him back to his place to calm him down and try to get him to think like a cop.

Brenda and Sonny reminisce about their wonderful past together, before his first wife exploded in the car, which gave him the idea to do it this time. And then when he left Brenda at the altar a couple of times, sending her into a loony bin. She’s all, "hey you’re not a monster even though you almost killed your teenage daughter." And he’s all, "I know, right?"

Liz interrupts Patrick’s surgery to tell him paramedics were called to Mac’s house. Steve tells her to get Matt to finish the surgery.

Robin refuses to go with Lisa, thinking that she’s the one who set the fire in the first place. Paramedics get her out and she’s briefly reunited with Emma, before being taken to the hospital. Lisa follows with Emma, who is checked out and released to Maxie’s care. A police officer arrests Lisa, saying Robin pointed the finger at her for the fire.

Johnny and Ethan are braiding each other’s hair, when a news report announces Sonny’s arrest. Johnny’s surprised that Sonny’s finally being held accountable, claiming this might be justice for Claudia. Ethan angrily asks about the justice for Kristina.

Michael lets Kristina know that Sonny was arrested and Kris guesses, correctly, that he knew all along. Michael begs her not to hate her father. The two head down to the PCPD. Claire stops Michael from going into the room, but Kris goes in. In some strange twist of logic, Kristina tells Sonny that she forgives him, because it was her fault since she was being a brat. Now where I come from, being a brat gets you military school, not a car bomb, but what do I know?

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Brook and Nikolas are chit-chatting about all their upcoming parties and how she’s much better off now that she knows what fork to use. Alexis arrives, angry that Sonny did, in fact set, the car bomb. Nik tells her not to bad mouth Sonny to Kristina. Alexis heads over to the PCPD and is surprised to see Kristina and Sonny hugging. I’m not sure why she was surprised, since this was clearly bizarro world.

Olivia hears the news and feels sorry for Sonny, since he’s not going to get out of this. Oh, ye of little faith. Of course he’ll get out of it. Johnny says it’s an empty victory, since it won’t bring Claudia back, nor will it lessen his grief. Although he does see the silver lining of a peaceful coexistence between him and Jason, with Sonny out of the picture.

Robin tells Patrick she believes Lisa set the fire so she could then save Robin and look good in Patrick’s eyes. He’s more concerned about her burns and, after speaking with the specialist, lets her know that she has third degree burns, which could lead to infection. With her HIV status, that is not good news.

Lisa’s taken to the PCPD, where she runs into Nikolas and tells him that, as head donor of the hospital, he has to get Robin to back off, since she doesn’t want her reputation ruined by a nasty arson charge. Trying to kill herself and spending time in a loony bin is fine – being accused of setting a fire, not so much.

Bizarro world continues, as Claire lets Sonny know that Ronnie had no warrant to screen the recordings, which makes it fruit of the poison tree. It can’t be used in court, since it was an illegal search and seizure. Sonny’s grateful, but wonders if helping him won’t tank her career. However, this is bizarro world, so she’ll probably get a commendation for letting the misogynistic killer back onto the streets. No, I’m not bitter.

Siobhan talks a good game while she manages to untie her hands, but rather than grabbing her chair and clocking the goon with it, she just runs for the door, which gets her back where she was, tied to the chair.

Brenda’s in love with the "ambush the Balkan plan", because she’s worried he’ll kill innocent Siobhan. Jason tells her he knows about her past with Dante and demands she tell him why the Balkan wants her, but she keeps her mouth shut.

Lucky and Dante get confirmation of the place for the exchange, but no one likes it, especially Jason. They decide to change it, and hope the Balkan goes for it, because we all know how accommodating he is. Lucky speaks with the goon holding Siobhan, who briefly speaks to Lucky, before screaming and freaking Lucky out.