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One Life to Live Recap: Our Lips Are Sealed

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Clint: I did whatever it took to make sure that that little bastard, Rex, didn’t find out he was my son.

Echo explains to Clint that she has a son in Llanview and it’s Rex Balsom. Echo realized the truth because of Viki’s accusations, but Echo has no idea from where the Rick and Lili story came. Rex’s conception occurred in conjunction with her receiving the necklace ... from Clint. Clint is Rex’s father.

Clint is adamant that he had no hand in creating Rex. Echo was unaware of the pregnancy until moving to New Mexico, when her brother, Giles sent her back to collect a pay-off. Outside of Llanfair, she overheard Clint and Viki toasting to a second chance and knew that there was no place for her or the baby. Echo left the baby at the hospital with half of the pendant and left town.

Rex explains to Bo about the necklace and Echo’s reaction. Rex isn’t concerned with his father’s identity, because he already has a father in Bo, but Rex has to pursue the lead, because he has a million questions.

Bo offers to bring Echo in for questioning, and Rex is forced to admit to breaking into Echo’s room. Rex explains that he used a master key, but Bo yells at Rex for making trouble. Bo advises Rex to talk to Echo.

Echo is confused about Rex’s wild goose chase, but realizes that the romance novel was written by Asa’s grandmother, Blaize Pardee. Everything clicks: Clint forged the letters. Clint admits as much, but vows that Rex will never know the truth. Rex stands on the other side of Echo’s front door. Did he overhear?

Viki explains to Charlie that Rick and Lili are fiction and Echo is in possession of the necklace. Charlie gets exasperated when Viki mentions “evidence”, believing that Viki was going to stop probing. Rex is important, so Viki won’t let this go.

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Charlie asks if Echo’s aim is extortion, but Viki doesn’t think it’s about money. Charlie wonders why Viki hasn’t shared her theories with Rex. She wants proof first. Suddenly, Viki remembers the date of the speeding ticket, and realizes that it coincides with Rex’s birthday. Is Echo Rex’s mother? Charlie thinks that Viki’s theory is far-fetched, but everything fits. When Charlie asks about Rex’s father, Viki gives him a knowing look.

Starr arrives at the station and begs Cole not to confess. Both Cole and James protect Starr against incriminating herself. John asks Nora about the charges and, frustrated, Nora says that she wants to come up with a charge that won’t send Cole to prison. She calls Marty.

Marty and Natalie bump into each other at the hospital. Natalie thinks that Cole would be smart to turn himself in, but Marty is certain that prison will do damage. Marty is worried that she could lose her license because of trusting Hannah, but is convinced that would please Natalie. Marty receives a call from Nora.

Marty races in and asks Nora about Cole’s status. Cole will be arraigned for murder. Marty wishes that Nora were prosecuting her instead, blaming herself for Hannah’s crimes, but Nora assures Marty that Hannah fooled everyone. Marty turns her venom on Natalie, certain that Natalie doesn’t comprehend a mother’s instincts. Nora is concerned.

Cole tells Marty that he’s doing the right thing. Starr looks for James, but he left, and John asks Starr to tell “her friend” to stop undermining the police. Cole asks Nora about the worst case scenario. Nora says life in prison. Starr hates that Cole is leaving her.

Bo is happy that Cole turned himself in, because the alternative was too dangerous. Nora was required to file the full charge of murder, but she vows not to fight mitigating circumstances proposed by Cole’s attorney. Bo asks about Marty and Nora is distressed about what Marty might do.

Jessica tells Ford that they are doing the amniocentesis. Ford wonders why they would take risks if they’re already promising to be a family regardless. Jessica asks about genetics, and Ford says that his family is healthy save for the “s.o.b. gene from the old man.”

Jessica is taken for pre-tests and, while waiting, Brody notices Natalie’s name on the roster. Following Jess’s test, Hepatitis-C isn’t a concern and they should know everything in a few days.

John calls Natalie, aware that she’s at the hospital, thanks to Marty. Natalie lies about getting vitamins. Vivian scrambles when Brody walks in, but Natalie says he’s her friend and can stay. Natalie nearly passes out at the size of the needle, but Brody takes her hand, giving her a reassuring wink and nod. Afterward, Marty overhears Natalie talking to the nurse about the results of her amniocentesis.

At their apartment, Ford advises James to be there for Starr, insisting that she’ll turn to him. James will be Starr’s friend, but refuses to take advantage, and Ford wonders if they’re related. Ford hopes that Jessica’s baby gets her good genes, but he’s concerned that Jessica is taking an unnecessary risk. There’s a knock on the door. A fearful James says, “Dad?”