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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Kisses Brooke!



To gain attention for the men's line, Thomas pulls Brooke into a kiss at the Forrester Creations fashion show! Thomas's plan is a success with the media and everyone can't stop buzzing about the stunt. Meanwhile, the Forrester clan is pissed the family business is once again embroiled in a scandal. Thomas, however doesn't back down. Later Brooke lets Thomas know where things stand and gives him stern warning.

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Ridge/Brooke: Logan is scared her marriage may end due to Thomas's stunt. Ridge lays down the law with Brooke. The Chiseled One then tried to do damage control with the media .

Taylor:  Doc is obsessed with Thomas and Brooke's relationship. Taylor gets a shock when Whip arranges a meeting with her and Ridge. She has a showdown with Ridge for giving his blessing for Thomas to work with Brtooke in the first place

Amber: She tries to make amends with Oliver for stealing the designs by helping him snag Hope.

Eric: He supports Stephanie with her cancer treatment.