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Ex-ATWT Stars Find Their Next Acts

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Former As the World Turns vixens Terri Colombino and Maura West (pictured above with Jake Silbermann, Eileen Fulton and Michael Park) have found work on other soaps, but in an excellent piece entitled "Stay Tuned for Soap Stars’ Next Acts" ,The New York Times takes a look what your other favorite former ATWT stars are doing to keep busy these days.

Two years later Mr. Silbermann began writing a short film script about a drug-smuggling American soldier returning from Iraq. He gave himself a secondary (but juicy) role as a tattooed, slightly demented drug connection. “I knew at the very least it would improve my reel,” Mr. Silbermann said.

With more than $50,000 raised through the online fund-raising site Kickstarter (and the loyalty of generous Nuke fans) Mr. Silbermann and the director, Nathan Crooker, shot “Stuffer” over four days last summer. The film, which Mr. Silbermann hopes to expand to feature length, won the jury prize for best short film at the Royal Flush Festival last month.

“I am, in a word, encouraged,” Mr. Silbermann said.

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