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One Life to Live Spoilers: Cole is Sent Up The River as Starr Tries to Walk James like a DAWG!

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A confession, a secret revealed and a few steamy kisses heat things up in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of November 8.

Starr/Cole: Starr and Cole are absolutely heartbroken when the judge sentences Cole to 10 years in prison for Eli's murder. Cole begrudgingly breaks up with Starr and she comes apart. Cole is allowed some time to say his goodbyes before John takes him to Statesville. Blair attempts to comfort Starr but she is inconsolable.


A little later, James pays Starr a visit. A vulnerable Starr plants a toe-curling kiss on James. Starr tries to take things to the bedroom, but James stops her. Will Starr let her emotions get the best of her?

James and Ford are floored to see their father, Eddie, standing in the doorway. Eddie invites himself in and immediately gets on James about the missing $50,000. James and Ford do everything they can to get Eddie to leave, but their father quickly lets them know he is staying for a while.

When Ford isn't trying to get rid of his father, his attention is on Langston. The two decide to give a relationship a try and it doesn't make Dorian happy in the least bit. Will Ford be able to balance having his father and Langston back in his life?

Todd/Tea/Dani: Todd, Tea and Dani go around town and invite everyone to a very delayed wedding reception/return from the dead party. The party is a success. Where do Todd, Tea, and Dani go from here?

Nora is listening when Inez thanks Bo for all his help with James. On her way out of the room, Inez runs into Nora. Nora makes it a point to coax Inez into inviting Clint to the party. She also tells Inez not to read into Bo's kindness because he's that way with everyone. How will Inez react to Nora's comments?

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Rex/Echo/Viki/Charlie: Clint lets Echo know he will have Rex put in prison if she tells him Rex they are his parents. Rex orders Echo to tell him everything she knows about his parents. Echo makes something up and Rex leaves.

Meanwhile, Viki and Charlie have an argument about the possibility of Charlie being the father of Echo's son. Rex shows up and Viki tells him the truth about Rick and Lily's letters. Rex is very upset and sets out on his way. Viki and Charlie corner Echo and demand she tells them who Rex's parents are. Echo tries to leave, but Viki is not having it. Echo blurts out she's Rex's mother as he walks in the room. How will Rex react to Echo's shocking confession?

Kelly: Kelly finally confesses to having a crush on Rex. Dorian gets Kelly a personal trainer with benefits, if y'all know what I mean. Kelly ends up admitting that she hasn't had sex in a while. Later, Rex shows up and confesses the same thing to her. Rex and Kelly end up going to Todd and Tea's party together. They end up sharing a passionate kiss. How will Rex and Kelly handle their kiss and obvious feelings for one another?

John/Marty/Natalie: A very vengeful Marty tells John about Natalie's amniocentesis. In return, John asks Natalie about the test and why she kept it a secret. While Natalie tries to come up with something, Marty finds out Natalie had the amnio done for paternity reasons. Marty gets Natalie's records and sets out to give them to John. Marty runs into John and Natalie at the party and tries to give John the records. However, John doesn't take them from her. How will Marty get her revenge on Natalie?

Gigi/Cristian/Layla/Bitchy Bangs:
Cristian and Layla reunite in Paris. While they have some time to catch up, Gigi has a chat with Adriana. Gigi admits to Bitchy Bangs that she and Rex haven't had sex in a while. Adriana gives Gigi hell about her non-existent sex life with Rex. Bitchy Bangs pushes Gigi too far and Gigi lays her out with one punch.

As Cristian and Layla are about to leave to have some real alone time, Adriana gives them some bad news. Layla picks her career over Cristian when she decides to go with Bitchy Bangs to Milan instead of spending her time with him (Side Note: Triflin!). Layla leaves and Cris ends up kissing Gigi in Paris. Will Gigi and Cris do more than just kiss?

Sneak Peeks At Next Week (November 15th):

  • Kelly embarrasses herself.
  • John delivers a strange package to Blair.
  • James comforts Starr.
  • Destiny's wants to divorce her parents.
  • The DNA results are in for Natalie and Jessica .
  • Blair flirts with Ford.