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Eric Roberts: "Kate Gosselin is a Child Abuser"

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Apparently The Young and the Restless’sEric Roberts isn’t a big fan of Kate Gosselin’s parenting. On November 1, Roberts tweeted “I know she's fading from the news, but hopefully someone's still got their eye on the wellbeing of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser.” In an interview with Small Town Gosselins, Roberts was asked about his tweet, to which he responded.

Small Town Gosselins: Your tweet about Kate Gosselin was quite passionate. What exactly precipitated it?

Eric: Simple, really. Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop. All I ask is that any caring parent or non-parent take a few minutes to read material from Alice Miller's FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, or visit this site, or listen to the audio book THE NATURAL CHILD, or review materials from Prevent Child Abuse America and then decide.

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