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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Once a Blackmailer, Always a Blackmailer


BradyNicole/Rafe/Sami/EJ: Ms. Walker finds Arianna's taped confession where Sami reveals she shot EJ. Nicole debates on filling Brady in, but decides against it when he arrives. She saves it to her computer for a lil' blackmailing . Sami shows up and Nicole tells her about the discovery and tries to bargain with Sami. Nicole lets Sami know she'll keep quiet if she lets her see Sydney.

Sami balks and the two get into a throwdown! During the tussle, Nicole is knocked unconscious. Rafe comes on the scene and is able to resuscitate Nicole. Nicole fills Rafe in on on what she found and her deal with Sami before leaving. Rafe decides to use Nicole's bargain to his advantage. He takes Sydney to see Nicole, and while she is busy playing with the tot, he places a virus on her computer to corrupt her hard drive! Unfortunately for Rafe, Nicole is no dummy and has a copy of the video elsewhere. Meanwhile, EJ goes to visit Sami and decides to make a move. EJ ultimately decides once again to leve town with his kids. Brady starts to ask questions about Sami and EJ's shooting. Bo tells Rafe and Sami they need to get married — fast!

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Maggie/Victor/Vivian: When Mr. Kiriakis learns Vivian has Maggie in the sarcophagus, he does whatever it takes to rescue the woman he loves..

Chloe/Melanie: Chloeand Melanie are once again bickering over the songbird stepping out on Daniel. Melanie decides enough is enough and plans to tell her father the truth. At that very moment Chloe's water breaks, but Melanie thinks she's faking. In the end, Melanie helps Chloe deliver to her baby boy. Chloe almost tells Melanie she slept with Philip. Both Philip and Daniel arrive after the baby is born. Look for the birth of the baby to alter the dynamics of Chloe and Melanie's relationship.

Bo/Carly/Hope: Bo goes to Carly for help with Hope.

Nathan/Melanie: The two agree they shouldn't work together anymore. Later, they are stuck together after being quarantined.

Carly/Chloe: The ladies solidify their friendship.

Ben/Jen: The new doctor gives Jen the cold shoulder.