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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos to Kimberly McCullough and Kirsten Storms for making me cry.

Robin blames Lisa for the fire and almost killing her and Emma. Patrick tells her to let the police deal with it and to focus on her recovery. He asks if she saw Lisa actually set the fire and she says she came to with the house already engulfed but Lisa standing over her.

Mac stops by and lets Robin know that the house is gone. Robin tearfully reminisces about coming to live with Mac after her parents died, and their history with Felicia, Maxie and Georgie. She angrily mentions Lisa and Mac promises that if evidence shows she did it, she’ll be punished.

Alexis runs into Mac as he’s leaving Robin’s room, and offers coffee and an ear. Maxie runs into Matt, who offers her the same thing. Maxie’s angry and sad that the house is gone and feels she’s lost Georgie all over again.

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Robin tells Maxie that she’s worried about the scar on her leg and what Patrick will think of it. Maxie reminds her that plastic surgery can help and that Patrick will love her anyway. Patrick lets Robin know that she’s gotten an infection from the burn and will now have to fight to save herself. Matt brings Maxie a stuffed monkey, which makes Maxie grateful for his friendship.

Lisa complains to Nikolas that she risked her life to save Robin and Emma and is now being blamed for arson. She claims that Robin is dismantling her life. Nikolas tells her he’s known Robin forever and will stand by her. Lisa counters that her dirty laundry is exposed for the whole town to see, and that he should understand, as he’s been through it. While Nikolas admits to his own mistakes, he again says Robin deserves the benefit of the doubt. If it’s determined that Lisa didn’t set the fire, he says he’ll apologize to her.

Claire blames Ronnie for illegal recording. Sonny wonders if she’s putting her career on the line for him, but she just wants him to take the win and be glad he’s not going to prison. Diane arrives, angry that he’s talking to Claire, until he tells her that he’s getting off scot-free.

Diane lets Sonny know that since Claire is sacrificing her career for him, he should step up and stop stringing her along. Sonny insists that he has feelings for Claire, and Diane says it won’t matter once Internal Affairs investigates Claire and her connection to him.

Spinelli stops by the Metrocourt and runs into Lulu, who thinks he’s there to fix the Crimson computers, but Carly called him to dish about Brenda. Jax interrupts, so Spinelli leaves. Carly commends Jax for not becoming the white knight for Brenda and Jax promises to stay out of it.

Carly heads over to Spinelli’s, who finally admits that Dante guarded Brenda three years ago. She’s wondering where the other officers are now. Lulu arrives to thank Spinelli for fixing her computer, and Carly comes right out and asks her what she thinks of Dante and Brenda’s past relationship, which shocks Lulu.

Lucky yells at the goon to make sure Siobhan is not hurt, and that they will do the exchange, but at a different location. Jason warns Brenda to do as she’s told and she agrees. Both Dante and Jason are worried about Lucky’s state of mind.

At the exchange, Dante and Jason are ready with guns, Lucky brings in a struggling Brenda and the goons bring in Siobhan. Talk goes back and forth and Brenda angrily attacks just as Dante pulls the trigger.