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Ken Corday: "A Younger Viewer Doesn't Necessarily Want to Watch Characters of The Same Age"


Entertainment Weekly has a fascinating interview with Days of our Lives executive producer Ken Corday. I especially found the discussion of ratings and demographics intriguing because of Corday's statement concerning viewers 18-25.

Why does the show resonate so well with younger viewers?

A younger viewer—let’s say 18 to 25—doesn’t necessarily want to watch characters of the same age. They want characters that are a little bit older, going through a period of time that they are about to go through. So you take that all the way up the ladder and, interestingly enough, some of the younger viewers do like watching Victor and Maggie and Stefano do their senior bit. It’s really hard to quantify it. We found when we gave more airtime to the over-34 actors; it didn’t touch the 18 to 34 rating. I don’t think teenagers or really young people necessarily want to watch stories about teenagers or really young people. And our viewers that are over 50 love watching the young people.

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