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One Life to Live Recap: Party Train

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Todd: You know what? We seem a lot happier than the people we invited. Am I crazy?


Dani horrifyingly discovers Todd and Tea having sex, confident that she’s now scarred for life. Tea receives an envelope of pictures from someone named Echo. Tea and Dani think they should postpone the party, but Todd insists otherwise. Tea agrees, but she wants to check on Cole’s case. Todd sees this as an excuse to pass out invitations.

Inez arrives, bearing cookies as gratitude for helping James. Nora discreetly rolls her eyes.  Inez explains to Nora that Bo’s guidance is something that James has never received. Nora gushes, “That’s my Bo!”

Party train. Nora hugs Tea, as Todd notices Inez brushing off cookie crumbs from Bo’s shirt. Nora stands in disbelief when Tea wants to handle Cole’s defense. Tea and Inez introduce themselves, and a Spanish lesson ensues. Todd invites everyone to the party. Bo wonders what happened to Todd in the tunnel. Todd believes he finally caught a break, and hopes his good will is contagious.

Tea asks Bo to encourage Nora to be gentle in court. Bo tells Inez to watch Tea in action sometime, and Inez jokes that she would if she was granted a day off. Todd whispers a warning to Nora that Inez is not to be trusted around Bo. Nora scoffs at Todd’s insinuation, slapping his arm as he leaves.

Inez is flattered by the invitation, but doesn’t plan to attend. Bo encourages Inez to come along. To keep Inez from being Bo and Nora’s third wheel, Nora coaxes Inez into asking Clint to be her date, as Bo watches them through the blinds. Bo wonders why Nora is playing matchmaker, but Nora innocently insists that she is just “making sure everyone gets what they want.” Inez heeds Nora’s advice and calls Clint. Bo believes that he and Nora should practice dancing, and pulls Nora into his arms. Inez watches, envious, as Bo and Nora dance playfully in his office.

Viki doesn’t believe Clint as Rex’s father makes sense, and she presents Charlie as an option. Charlie balks, but per Viki’s reluctant request, Charlie divulges that he had a lot of drunken sex with Echo, unsettling Viki. Party train. Viki gushes over Tea as Todd invites Viki and Charlie to the party. Viki believes that happiness becomes Todd, and he encourages his sister to take her own advice.

Charlie wants Viki to walk away from the Echo vendetta. Viki can’t believe that Charlie could let go of the possibility that Rex is his son, but, for as much as he would adore another chance, Charlie cannot raise his hopes.

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Much to Clint’s chagrin, Echo defiantly opens the door to Rex. Clint commands Rex to stop harassing Echo, but Rex begs for the truth.

Party train. Tea thanks Echo for the photographs and requests that she shoot the party. Echo agrees, for a fee of ten-thousand dollars. Echo suggests an invitation for Rex. Tea agrees, and the party train rolls on. Echo explains that the party will be a perfect opportunity for them to talk.

Why does Clint hate his own son? Because Rex is “a gold-digging piece of trash like his mother.” Inez calls Clint with an invitation to the party and Clint readily agrees. Clint pledges to watch Echo like a hawk.

Rex arrives at Llanfair, and Viki tells him that Rick and Lili are fiction. Rex is certain that Echo has some sort of information, and vows to get the truth.

Why isn’t Eddie in jail? “The charges didn’t stick.” When Ford tries to throw out his father, Eddie elbows Ford. Eddie wants the money that James stole. Eddie wonders about Ford’s concern, as Ford didn’t care about James when he left for Hollywood. When Eddie hits Ford again, he realizes that Ford is injured, and demands to know the culprit. Ford stays silent. Conversation turn to Inez. Eddie swears that she’s a liar.

Party train. Todd inquires about Eddie, and the boys say he’s a friend of the family. Todd invites the boys as gratitude for helping his daughters, and they bid adieu. James and Ford explain that Todd is the father of the girls who were put in danger by Bull and Todd will kill Eddie. Eddie stretches out in the chair and muses about being able to get used to Llanview.

The Cramer women mill around La Boulaie, worrying about Starr. Dorian proposes a Cramer Women meeting to contend with another issue: Langston’s return to Ford. Langston insists that Ford has changed, but Dorian doesn’t buy it. Langston turns the tables: Dorian was left at the altar, Blair married a psychopath, and Kelly has a crush on a man she can’t have. Kelly insists that she’s uninterested in Rex, but Langston clarifies: she meant Todd. Kelly’s crush is revealed. Dorian is horrified, but Blair teases that Rex is better than “that British dud, I mean, dude.”

Party train. Dorian welcomes back Tea by simply patting Tea’s hand. Todd insists that the Cramer women bring dates to the party, which does not please anyone. Langston is amused that she’s only one with an actual option. Dorian watches in dismay as Langston ponders Ford.

Todd and Tea return home. As they undress each other, Tea assures Todd that they've earned their happiness.