The Young and the Restless Spoilers: A Forbidden Liplock is Spied in The Big Easy



The duo's plot against Adam and Skye have devestating repercussions.


The ex-spouses make love.

Jill/Lauren: The Fenmore sisters relationship takes another twist.

Ryder/Daisy: The real story behind the two changes the game for everyone involved. Look for the existence of Daisy's baby to lead to an umbrella story involving much of the canvas.

Adam/Sharon/Nick: Sharon decides to leave Genoa City to think about her future with Nick. She heads to New Orleans to clear her head. Nick and Adam follow her to the Big Easy. The brothers go all out for Sharon. Nick is rocked when he sees Sharon in a liplock with his worst enemy.

Victor: The Mustache faces a losing battle.

The ladies have a tough time shaking off their ordeal with Sarah.