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DAYS' Eric Martsolf on Brady's Villainous Turn: "He Was Just Too Vanilla"

Days of Our Lives hunk Eric Martsolf seems happy his character Brady Black has taken a turn for the macabre, by locking his step-grandmonster Vivian (Louise Sorel) in his late mother's tomb. Here's what Martsolf told


"It's the best. I mean my soap career, my nine years that I've had, six of them was playing Ethan Winthrop on Passions, who was Dudley Do-Right," he recounted. "The do-gooder that couldn't do anything wrong. And now, finally, I mean, Brady was kind of going that way in the beginning too. He was just too vanilla. He was not doing anything really interesting."

What would Marlena and John have to say about all of this?! For more of Martsolf's chat with at the recent Day of DAYS event click here.

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