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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick’s determined to help Robin through her recovery, but Robin feels she can’t lean on him, that she doesn’t know if he’s offering out of love or guilt. He tells her that she’s not alone and asks her to forgive him. Robin feels she only has enough strength to battle one thing at a time, and right now, that’s her leg burns. She feels she has to put the marriage on the back burner for now. She tells Patrick that if he loves her, he’ll leave her alone. Patrick storms off, and both have memories of their relationship together.

Patrick gives Maxie and Matt an update on Robin and both wonder what his plans are, but he says he has to let Robin go. Maxie says Robin’s behaving in typical fashion and not to give up on her, but Patrick’s determined to give her space.

Maxie tells Robin that Patrick is a good dad and has apologized for his behaviour, but Robin tells her she doesn’t know how to forgive him. Maxie reminds her that if she continues to push him away, she may lose Patrick forever.

Sonny’s worried about what will now happen to Claire, but she insists that even though there will likely be an Internal Affairs investigation, she knows she’ll be able to clear her name and she’s prepared to deal with the consequences. He apologizes to her for being compromised but she tells him to celebrate his freedom.

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Diane is angry with Sonny and his treatment of Claire. Sonny worries about his rights being violated, but she assures him that she’s capable of defending his rights and tells him he needs to stay away from Claire, for both their sakes.

The Balkan’s man upsets Brenda enough for her to angrily run towards him. Dante fires and the men fire back, which turns into a shootout, with all four men dead. Jason takes Brenda and Siobhan home while Lucky and Dante call it in. Mac shows up, angry that Lucky was supposed to deal with the Balkan in Ireland and not bring the mess back here. Mac tells him to deal with it.

At home, Jason questions whether Siobhan heard any conversation with her guard, and she says she overheard him say to get Brenda alive and the name Alexander. Jason wonders who Alexander is, but Brenda refuses to talk again. Siobhan gets tired of the fighting and leaves.

Lulu is shocked that Dante never told her about guarding Brenda, but Spinelli shows her the evidence and Carly seems overjoyed to be twisting the knife. Lulu’s waiting when Dante gets home and she tells him what Spinelli discovered. He lies again, saying that Brenda didn’t recognize him when she met him in PC and that they don’t have anything to hide.

Maya stops Luke from drinking and, when Tracy comes in, fakes a collapse. Ethan shows up, determined to tell the truth from now on, and admits to the con. Tracy admits that she knew all along and was playing Luke as much as he was playing her. Luke asks her to go to Las Vegas and get married and Tracy accepts, but only if he signs a prenup agreement. Luke asks Maya and Ethan to join them as their chaperones.

Lucky comes home to find Siobhan waiting for him. She realizes that they don’t know each other that well. (And, call me crazy but is her accent a lot less harsh than it was?) He apologizes for her being hurt and promises not to let it happen again. They kiss.

Claire runs into Alexis at the Metrocourt bar and tells her the charges will be dropped because of the lack of a search warrant. Alexis is still upset that Kristina has to deal with the fact that her father nearly killed her and she warns Claire to go back to Washington, to save her job, her self-respect and her integrity before Sonny wipes her out and leaves her with nothing.

Jason forces Brenda to tell him the truth. She dated Alexander overseas until she found out he was a major gangster and dumped him. She was guarded by Dante and then shot Alexander to save Dante, who then disposed of the body. She tells Jason that if the news comes out, then Dante’s finished as a cop. Jason wonders why the Balkan would care that one of his men was taken out, but Brenda’s big news is that Alexander was the Balkan’s son.