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General Hospital Spoilers: Maya and Ethan Hit The Sheets!

Here’s the Scoop!

Who needs an annulment? As you all should be finding out soon, it’s Ethan and Maya. Unfortunately, Tracy and Luke don’t get to the newlyweds in time as the pair hits the sheets! Ethan has his own “motivations” for not wanting to end his marriage and the State of Nevada has rules. Remember that offer I mentioned Edward had for these two? He wants them to stay married for one year and he’ll pay them one million dollars! Do they accept his challenge? You bet they do!


What about Luke and his Buttercup? They were the intended bride and groom. Tracy has a holiday wedding in mind.

Mercy, mercy me… This psycho just gets crazier. So Lisa is poised to have Robin removed from GH by going to the Board. As I mentioned, Patrick asks her to take it easy on his wife. Lisa agrees on one condition; take another roll in the sack and she’ll drop her case. It looks like Patrick turns her down as Lisa moves ahead with her request that the Board remove Robin from General Hospital’s staff. Robin, refusing to back, wants to defend herself from her hospital bed.

It gets crazier… Another thing I mentioned, Lisa injecting drugs in Robin’s IV,  well she's caught by Maxie. She may be crazy, but she’s also a coward, as Lisa runs from Robin’s room and hands the needle off to Johnny! I mentioned Johnny helping Lisa out, well old Johnny boy hides the needle for her. That’s not where it gets crazy. After Lisa’s proposal of passion in return to drop her petition against Robin, you’d think Patrick’s suspicions would only point in Dr. Niles’ direction. Oh no, he and Matt wonder if Maxie set Lisa up! Have no fear Scrubs fans, despite Patrick, and Matt for that matter, having their heads up their butts, I hear the Drs. Drake are getting closer.

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Brenda and her secret… Have I told you all lately how much I detest secrets? Brenda confides in Dante that she still “hurts” over their shared secret and Carly is ready to tell all who will listen that Brenda slept with Sonny’s son. It looks like Carly starts with Jason.

Flashback central… Brenda takes a trip down memory lane that lands her in Sonny’s old pad, the one above Luke’s. Guess who else just happens to be there? After Claire urges Sonny to “follow his heart,” he winds up at the exact same place Brenda is. Will Brenda and Sonny fall into each other? Haven’t they danced around one another long enough? There will be more flashbacks of Brenda and Dante’s time together as well as Sonny and Brenda.

The search for The Balkan… Jason questions Siobhan about what she heard while being held. All she can remember is the name Jack. Spinelli starts the search for a Jack with a connection to The Balkan.

As much as they bore me… I suppose I must dish on Claire and Sonny. Apparently, Claire not only had the evidence thrown out, she also petitions to allow Michael and Sonny to be allowed to see each other.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason wants answers from Dante. Suzanne figures out there is a connection between Dante and Brenda. Elizabeth meets Siobhan and they don’t play nice. Michael wants Carly to forgive Dante. Brenda and Sonny admit to being the love of each other's lives (Duh). The Q’s and pizza, it must be Thanksgiving. Dante and Lulu find time for romance. Re-do? Sam, Robin, Maxie and Molly play match maker for Mac and Alexis on Turkey Day. Carly tells Lulu to give Dante all the love she has. Michael and Dante become closer.